Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Popcorn Attacks

Clint's driving, and we're on our way to St. Louis, with 10 of our best friends behind us. For the last 2 years we've attended an RV Convention in Chicago, and we decided to switch it up this year. RV Convention: Where you pay $8 to walk around all day and look at campers more luxurious—and more expensive—than your home. We may leave with RV Envy, but at least we have plastic bags full promotional gee-gaws, that's the part I love!

Completely off-subject, but speaking of gee-gaws, I went into Best Buy last night and said to the clerk, "I'm looking for a gizmo that I've seen online, but have never found anywhere else..." My clerk promptly turned around and asked his 2 colleagues, "Do we carry `Gizmo?' " A powwow ensued about how they'd never heard of "Gizmo." I contemplated letting them search other departments for "Gizmo" before I told them that I was mistaken: I need a "Gadget." Dang whippersnappers, never heard of gizmo, yeesh.

Anyway, while you wait for me to return with your souvenir magnet, here's a little movie about a popcorn experiment gone awry at our Labor Day camping trip. Oh, and hide your kids, someone keeps messin' up my videos with gratuitous cuss words, and I don't have a bleep tool. (I wonder if Best Buy has "Bleep.")


  1. I once worked with a young girl who didn't know what a "beatnik" was. When us old timers surveyed the young timers, we found out she wasn't the only one who didn't know what a "beatnik" was. It was a sad day. Dang whippersnappers, indeed.

  2. I hope you had fun. You did all these posts all of a sudden and I had to catch up. I hope 2011 is great for you and you get your happy merry back. And stay away from fires and popcorn.


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