Monday, January 03, 2011

Sand Castle Walk and The Cletus Castle

Happy New Year!

I mentioned in the last post that we were taking off for Mexico for the holidays, and we did just that. One week in Cancun and thereabouts has given me enough blog fodder and photos to last a couple of months, so I'd best get to it.

This one's short & sweet, as we just got home yesterday, and I'm still unpacking and sorting out photos—photos we are lucky to have, mind you. I bought a new Nikon S8100 digital camera 2 weeks before the trip, and somewhere in the midst of Day 1 in Cancun, the thing completely putzed out on me. Would not focus, the zoom button had a mind of its own, and the camera would not shut off or on.

The good news was that I took a second, backup camera that  had just gotten out of the repair shop.

The bad news was that I had been asked to remove the memory card from that camera while it was being repaired, and I never put it back in, for the trip.

The good news was that the Kodak kiosk across from our resort had a 2 GB memory card to sell me.

The bad news was that they were going to charge me $55.00 for that card (a $14 value in U.S. AND down the road at Cancun Walmart).

The good news was that we could hop the autobus to Walmart for $1. (More good news is that we arrived alive; it was touch and go for a while there: Cancun bus drivers will really get your adrenalin going.

The bad news was that Walmart only had HC cards, and I needed an HD.

In the end, the good news was that Clint took his camera.

Anyway, Clint and I took a "sand castle walk" down the beach every day, snapping pictures of castles good and castles bad, but all castles fun.

After a week of admiring castles, I was inspired to whip one up myself on the very last day. As our bags were already checked at the hotel, I had only my God-given hands and a straw to work with.

Clint's nickname at the firestation is "Cletus," so we dubbed this one "The Cletus Castle." Using seaweed for fine details, here's what I ended up with, followed by a photo of my live model:

An uncanny resemblance, don't you think?


  1. You are TALENTED!!!! I'm so glad you guys got away for a while... and can't wait for more pictures!

    PS I'm off FB for a short while (very short) and I realized I don't have your email or number or anything... send me your contact info here:

    Love you!!!

  2. I love it!! Can't wait to read and see more from your vacation. I hope you had a blast!

  3. Ahhhh, love the sun in mid-winter. I'll be watching for more photo updates.

  4. Hey!! Maybe u can take that up as a gig when u retire...just sayin'

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Maybe you should consider a second career as a sculptor...

    - Jazz

  6. Just looking at all that beach sand made me warm...The sand castles were all pretty cool..but of course, yours was the best!! Looking forward to more pic's!!

  7. Love it! So wish I was you!

  8. Love the Ca-lint castle!

  9. Funny. Looks like a great time, despite the camera woes. Happy new year!


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