Monday, January 23, 2006


Kids, my shoulder hurts. I've put it out. Kickboxing. Sleeping on it wrong. Or mousing too much. I don't actually have any idea what I've done, but I'll just share that I'm in such agony that I've made an appointment with my family doctor. Tuesday. 8:00 a.m.

That might not seem like much until I share with you the fact that I don't even HAVE a family doctor, that's how little I see a physician. Oh, I do the responsible Ob/GYN annual thang (sorry, gentlemen, TMI) but shoulders aren't her area of expertise.

In the meantime, I cannot turn a steering wheel, lift a chip to my mouth, or apply that mascara I bought 2 entries ago. I can't wear anything but a button-down, and when showering, I can't reach the other armpit. Imagine it: washing your left armpit with your left hand; I want to start making crazy chimpanzee noises and splitting open a banana.

Enough with the imagining, already. Times up!

Anyway, Blog Entries are bottle-necking in my head, and I'm taking notes with my left hand. Cross ya fingers that the doc will send me home with Ibuprofen, instead of an Rx for needles or knives.

Amen, miss ya, stay tuned, catch-ya-latah!


  1. Brandi12:58 AM

    Hey, sounds like you strained a tendon in your rotator cuff. And whatever you do... absolutely do what the doc tells ya. I've done the shoulder thing and it's the worse you can do. Trust me, this comes from some one who has had 2 knee surgeries and one shoulder, and would take a knee surgery again... Just take the pills and the Ice pack!

  2. Errr...
    Rest and get some healing xx

  3. I anxious to hear how it goes!
    I hope you're feelin' better soon!

    (I'd pay to see the chimpanzee noises - ya li'l monkey, you. )

  4. Oh man! I hope you feel better. That sucks.

  5. OUCH! Although I love the image!

  6. Weak! I did the same thing recently, although I was lifting weights not kick bo...I mean sleeping. Although sleeping on the messed up arm made it much worse. I got ibuprophen and it didn't help a bit. Stupid stuff. I want VICODIN! Anyway, eventually it healed enough to use it again though I haven't lifted weight since. Damn muscles. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. i've had muscle tears and both times the doc said aleve was better for inflammation than ibuprofn.
    makers of aleve, please send me a check

  8. Could be you just need Chiropractic care. It changed my life!

  9. last fall I pulled something in my butt and could barely sit down for about three weeks. Eventually healed itself but I was considering chiropracty after just a few days of pain. I'm reminded of your dad and acupuncture...

    let us know how it goes

  10. Brandi-niecey: I'll be good. And I can see now that I wasn't nearly as sympathetic as I should have been when you were wearing a sling and eating mexican food. My sorry!

    Dearies, the doctor had doped me up (no vicodin!) taken ex-rays that required hanging sandbags from my arms, and now we wait.

  11. I hope you get well S-O-O-N


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