Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fun Browsing

Artist's name: Penbender,
when I tried to find more about the artist's name, I met with a restricted page

If you're into toying with Photoshop at all, you'll love browsing There's are several different contests topics in which the masters present their work. This entry is from the "Mamsects & Insmals" competition. There is a ton of fun stuff on this site.


  1. My bro is really into that site!
    Everytime I send him a photo of my kids, he sends it back with them in some exotic place!

    I like the photo you posted - really weird!

  2. No, I way prefer zebras myself. I could take five at once. xx

  3. I really, really like that!! At first, I thought it was another brilliant photo taken by you...

  4. I just stumbled across it, and will have to do some more looking; just what I need, something else to occupy me in front of the computer.

    Momo: Not my brilliant pic; I'm fearful enough of bugs and worms; can you imagine that little guy snapping at you? Brrrr

    There's a lot of creepy stuff on this site....creepy but cool!

  5. GNG: I didn't think of that thing snapping at me! Ouch-y!!

    Maaaaybe we could try to imagine it purring at us...


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