Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Lady of the House

Meet Sylvia: AKA Bilbia, Sylvinkia, Silvie, Silviebaby...anything but Sylvester, which is what Brian wanted to name her when we got her 15 years ago. I coerced him into settling for the feminine version.

So. Sylvia is 15 years old, 15 pounds, and lately, yakking up on the white carpets, that the idiots that lived here before me decided to install. Yakking more often than the average bear. Uh, cat.

So, she gets a new diet. I've always given her the best, but maybe it's time to revise. I went to the pet store tonight. My choices, for my cat: Science Diet Light, for the Overweight Cat. Science Diet Hair Ball Control. Science Diet Senior [Citizen, I call it], and Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.

Where in the hell is the "Science Diet I'm the Queen of this Household, Bee-otch, and You'll Spend $48 on My Delicacies and Then Go Fix Yourself 17-cent Ramen"?

Awww, look at her. I talked it over with the pet people, and we decided to mix the AARP and the sensitive tummy cat food, and so the total was only $23. She's worth it, the little snookums.

Oh. Gotta run, my noodles are boiling.


  1. Sylvinkia, a perfect spy name for a cat. xx

  2. Poor Sylvia! She's still yakking? The hairgel didn't help? Sounds like you made a good decision on the pet food.

    If this doesn't work - I'd suggest the Royal Canin (sounds like a weird brand for a cat, right?) sensitive stomach. It's helps the most sensitive of kitty stomachs (in my experience).

    Or, if not, you may need a trip to the vet for li'l Sylvia-Bilbia.

    That is all - Dr. Momo signing off.

  3. The gel did help; I just wanted to make sure I keep her on a diet that will help keep her on the right track.

    I'll try your brand next if this doesn't help.

  4. Great photo! She's beautiful! Our cats (Bertha 18 and Joe 4) get Science Diet for urinary tract issues. Nice, huh? Really only Joe needs it, but there is no explaining that to Bertha.

  5. Oh, I love Sylvia! She is a beauty. I give my cat, "Mr. Blackwell",a Natural Dry Cat Food called "Wellness" Lite Super 5 Mix. It has chicken/chicken liver/real cranberries/real blueberries and flax seed. And as the packaging says, "uncolditional love; uncompromising nutritiion"

    What a racket!

    (and yes, we do spend more on their food than our own! I burst out laughing about the ramen ;-)

  6. I've had Lionel and Daisy three days ~ they already eat better than I do. If you get it, you get it. If you don't ~ well, then I'm sorry for you. "Wellness" mentioned by rhinestone cowgirl was going to be my recommendation as well. It's not the least expensive but it's not the most, either!

  7. THAT is a fabulous photo...WOW! You have a talent for photography!




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