Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random Thoughts & Photos

Random Thoughts

  1. Can anyone recommend the world's greatest mascara? Really. Comment or e-mail me immediately.
  2. Same goes for a body moisturizer.
  3. Mary Janes require entirely too much attention to socks.
Random Photos
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1. Here's a "snap" I took Sunday afternoon. I'm feeling smug about it's cuteness--look at that little popped balloon that just happened to match the bike's color! And someone out there already wants to frame it, how great is THAT?

2. I've heard rumors about this guy for some time, and so went out hunting for him Sunday afternoon. This is the fun kind of stuff I think up to take Mother to do: Cemetary Photography.


I'm not sure what drove me to believe that a "dusk" pic would be a better one, but I actually went back to that the country...while the sun was going down...FAST. Look, it was creepy as hell: I left the car door open, the car running, dashed out for my pix, and ran back to the car with my heart beating against my breastbone. Oh, grow up! The daytime pix were better, but not does this head make ya feel?

3. I accompanied a friend to PetSmart the other day, and got bored of conversation algae: brown vs. green. I wandered around and found this naughty chew toy. I don't know what else to say.

4. Multiply this star by about 40 million, and you'll have the a bedspread that my mother crocheted for my Great Aunt Evelyn in the mid 70s. A few years ago, Aunt Ev decided that GodForbid anything happen to her, the spread should be returned to my mother. Mother begifted it to my for my 40th birthday.

Mind you, this is not a "coverlet"; it is a bedspread that will cover a kingsize bed to the floor on all sides. It is enormous and beautiful, and currently encased in an Amish-made glass and oak case in my home.


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  2. That head freaks me out! Was the guy decapitated? Is this Ty Cobb? Why would anyone do that?

    Guess what I want encased in plaster on my tombstone??

  3. Most importantly, I love Lamcome DÉFINICILS High Definition Mascara. I always bought drugstore mascara until this - $22 and worth it.

    Great post. I love the bike. The head? It is just disturbing. And I love extreme closeups - the bedspread is lovely.

  4. very important question - what are you looking for in a mascara? Thickening? Lengthening? What don't you like about mascara that you have tried?

  5. Mary: Hmm...Thickening, I guess. On a bare-minimum makeup day, it's foundation & mascara, so I like it to have a little impact.

    I don't like it to end up on my face, under my eyes!

    PP: That thing looks even spookier from across the cemetary!

    Wendy: Thanks for the tip, I'm taking notes!

    Greavsie: You're thinking on it?

  6. oh ... my .. god... what is the story with the decap head

  7. Interesting - Pee Wee Herman's bike and Ty Cobb's head. It doesn't get more random than that. Yet there is a nice geometrical progression from the simple circles of the bike to the right angles of the head case (so to speak), the combination X's and O's of the chew toy and finally the complexity of the stars. Well done!

  8. The #1 mascara recommended by most make-up artists is Max Factor's Great Lash Mascara. You know, the one in the little pink tube.

    Rght now I am using Avon's Perfect Wear Longlasting Mascara. But only because moms is a Avon Representative and she gives me a discount. It's decent but the pink tube is better. And get waterproof so it won't run.

    Best of luck

  9. that head is a bit creepy. any backstory on it?

  10. Yves St Laurent. Accept no imitations. :0) xx
    Peace has come by the way. You're always welcome.

  11. Maybelline great lash, not Max Factor. But it does burn like a B.... if you get it in your eyes. I have yet to find the perfect mascara. One that does not flake or smudge under the eyes. It has to give impact for low makeup days. If you find one that doesn't flake or give you racoon eyes let me know.

    Creepy "Head" stone. ROFLMAO

  12. V: I don't know the story behind it...though I like to imagine that he had it made himself, and after his wife died, she said, "I've been looking at that ugly thing for 48 years; if he's going, he's taking it with him."

    Thanks for the mascara advice, everyone; I'll start doing my own personal scientific research on your recommendations!

  13. I'm sorry I missed this blog earlier! Great pics!! That dog toy cracks me up!! And what a neat story behind the bedspread. That's a very nice keepsake.


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