Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Demise of "I can't"

This is the last installment of pieces past for now. Others may trickle in, but for now I'm going to just get on with it.

The frog is my first painting, in the year 2000. After building a new place, my employer built a studio in a large storage room. He had our maintenance guy build some easels, stocked us up with paints, and, when our slow season fell upon us, said, "have at it, folks!"

I'm embarrassed to admit that I told him "Thanks but no thanks" for the first 2 years. I would have nothing to do with it. "I can't paint," I told him. It was sheer boredom that finally sent me to the easel, and this is what emerged. I was...well, rather astonished. I guess I CAN paint, if I apply myself. I've had something in the works ever since, in a lame sort of way.

I am contemplating my next project. I AM going to be a contributing artist in this year's Artist Against Aids charity event.

And you'll be hearing more soon! Thanks for ya support, friends!


  1. I love the frog. It is amazing ..


  2. Your work is lovely. The child with the pastels and the sketchpad - you? With your talent I'm sure you'll manage more than those footsteps across a blank sketchpad.

    Also - how refreshing that you say (in the previous post) that you were competing. Love ya for that...

  3. Dear girl, you drew that frog, and you said you couldn't at first?!

    I hope you finally overcome the "I can'ts" and I'm sure you WILL do good... Happy New Year!

  4. I didn't remember that the frog painting was your first. I don't remember you turning down YM for two years. Who painted then? MadDog? KJ? It's a wonder anyone painted after you. If that's what you can do with the less-than-student quality painnts that were at your disposal then, watch out world when this woman gets her hands on some professional-quality materials!

    PS When is Artists Against AIDS? I forget.

  5. Ilaiy: tyvm

    Larry: That's my son, when he was 4.

    And competition, glory, or passion? I've analyzed those aspect too, and I'm going for passion. Maybe another blog, maybe too tedious; I'll think about it.

    Kurios: I knew I could draw the frog. I also "knew" I couldn't paint it.

    I learned something huge on that first one: do the background FIRST! I ended up with a pretty 'lil frog on a white background...

    SS: Do you remember when the "original" studio was in the [carpeted!] multi-media room?

    Isabella Blumberg did the first mural, then MadDog the "Nights in Tijuana"... I did the collage, but only because it was the only idea that I could come up with that didn't involve painting....

    'member that?!

  6. I can't wait to see your stuff in the show!

    I think this settles it - there's nothing you CAN'T do...

  7. Momo:...except make crab chili as good as Mike's.

  8. Ah, you could if you wanted too...


  9. The frog is beautiful!!!

  10. Anonymous8:56 AM

    So happy to hear that you are on this path. You're so talented! We look forward to not only seeing you this year at Artist Against Aids, but your art as well. Your art and your writing are a treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    K & K

  11. i dig the frog.


  12. Wow. I'm just floored. I knew you were good but you're AWESOME! SO glad you found your way back to the muse. Have at it! We all love and support you.


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