Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Evelyn's Homeowner Tips

I have a burly, rugged-but-handsome (meow!) biker, contractor/construction friend. I've dubbed him "Evelyn" because...it just fits, don't you think? He's a great pal. He gives good advice, and when I don't want it, he just listens and listens and listens.

What was that? Were you listening?! Oh. Thank you.

So he listened to this yesterday, or rather he pretended to read this note, on my current home-owner fix-it up skills:
The stupid plate on my stupid bathroom vanity keeps stupid falling off even though I stupid glued back on 30 stupid times, so I stupid nailed it on, and now I have to stupid paint the stupid nail, which is stupid crooked anyway.
Or some such.

I woke up to find this in my e-mail:

I TOLD you he gives good advice. Ok, I know the butterknife trick; EVERYONE knows that, yeesh. But the high-heel hammer had never crossed my mind.

Thanks, Ev.


  1. Every woman needs one of those...


    And listeners. ;0)

  2. Love a man with a sense of humor AND who listens. He wouldn't be single would he... ????

  3. Do you have any idea how that high heeled hammer works? Hitting a nail with the tiny heel might be hard to do, but holding it by the heel and hitting with the sole wouldn't give you much leverage. I think you put the shoe on and then kick at the nail. Actually, that might be kind of interesting to watch. I hope you post the pictures.

  4. ROTFLOL!!

    I love the "stupid" way you "stupid" edit your "stupid" posts.

    It "stupid" makes so much "stupid" sense.

    Just my "stupid" two cent "stupid" observation. [BIG] :) [/BIG]

  5. cracking me up!!!

  6. BTW - The Black & Decker image is part of a series. I had forgotten all about it until I saw it here.

    Had it saved on my hard-drive.

    So I posted the entire series over at my blog just a short while ago.

  7. Momo: You are so right!

    BP: He is single, but unavailable. Lucky broad.

    Tai: :-D

    Amishlaw: Another construction tip; you boys sure do take care of a girl. I've used the same tool (a shoe) to kill spiders...by throwing it at them and running.

    Wil: Stupid home repairs.

    Nancy: Can you drive a nail nice & straight? Bring your shoes.

    Wil: I'm on my way over.

  8. I am so glad you took that in the best of ways - so funny!

    Gotta peek at wil's blog now

  9. Thanks for the smile! Maybe it's time for one of those women's classes at Home Depot!

  10. I saw a guy at work trying to use his laptop to drive in a nail. I didn't have the heart to tell him how stupid he was.

  11. You know if you have great precision skills and don't have a thick heeled shoe, u can always use the back end of a screw driver to hammer-it-up...LOL.

  12. Nothing like a friend with a sense of humor.

  13. Heh, I KNEW those shoes had to be good for SOMETHING---they're in my closet but I know they're not for WEARING! :)


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