Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Speaking of Garage Sales...

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I've referred in a few recent blogs to the fact that I've been doing some remodeling. Ahhh, the last room in the house is done. I'm sure all of you homeowners out there will tell me that, therefore, there will be no more expenses. I can just sit back now, and enjoy my house, yes? No more work, no more money...Right? Am I right?



I hadn't known where my sunroom was headed until a few weeks ago, when I got an e-mail from Dana. She mentioned, offhandedly, "there's a garage sale on your street that has a bunch of that 50-60s style furniture we both like; too bad I don't have any room for it."

Cha! Well I had room for it! I had AN ENTIRE room for it, and I raced out of work on my lunch (half) hour to check out the furniture. $100, the sign said. While I looked it over, the lady at the table said, "she said she'd take $80 for the lot."

Ga! Sold! Sold, sold, sold!

I was then faced with blue and brown furniture, an ugly yellow room, and drab, brown indoor-outdoor carpeting, in my final room. Time to take the bull by the horns. Some paint, some new carpeting, and everything's fallen into place. Here's my new and improved sunroom, with furniture that costs less than sushi for 3:

Don't you love it?!! Done, I'm done! No more painting, no more expen...oh. Well. Curtains. I want to replace the matchstick blinds with..mmm-hm...just a few curtains...for 11 windows.

THEN I'll be done.


  1. OH! That's so fresh and clean and BRIGHT.
    It's a lovely room.

    And I have the perfect thing for it.


    I come with an interesting book and a delightful white wine to share.

    I'll be right over!

    (oh, and I'll help with the curtains...honest!)

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks breathtakingly beautiful!!! Great work! Great eye for color and style. I cannot wait for cocktails!!!!!!! Congrats on all of your hard work. Worth every penny of sushi for 3!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!
    Okay, so you mean that remodeling does get done??
    You give me hope....

  4. It looks maahvelous, dahling!

    I love how the sun looks in your sunroom.



  5. Very nice. I wish I had an eye for decorating.

  6. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Wow, that room looks great! I think when you moved in that I suggested you demolish that room and start over. RS

  7. Tai: Come on over! There's a wine store within walking distance, I'll stock up!

    Dana: Thanks for the furniture tip. I will serve you...something in a retro glass.

    JayAre: Well...I want to refinish that coffee table...maybe it never ends.

    Momo: My sunny sunroom is very sunny. Come and bake.

    Awe: Thanks. I lucked out, this room kind of decorated itself.

    RS: Thanks! Your plan would have set me back more than $80. I opted out of the "take a wrecking ball" suggestion! ha!

  8. First...you have GREAT taste. Should seriously consider taking up interior deesigning. I want to sit in that room...with my starbucks caffe latte and just enjoy the ambience. No book...no nothing..*deep breath* that is ONE lovely room.

  9. I love the room. I had every intention of going modern when I was shopping for furniture and somehow it all got away from me. It's like this house has a mind of its own.

  10. Edina: COME OVER. I'll arrange the Starbucks and the long deep breathe, then we'll go out and find some beautiful food to blog about.

    Laurie: Hi, Laurie! Yah, my house seems to have come about "accidentally"...the conservative young couple that lived here before me would probably cough up their lungs if they were to see what I've done with their hard work. wah-hoo!

  11. Blogger has been haywire for me lately! I posted something about how much I love this room. I do! I love, love, love it! Enjoy....

  12. Uh huh, and then...maybe recover the furniture, and then... and then...

    It does look good though

  13. "Ga! Sold sold sold sold!" Nice. LOL! Well worth it my dear. The new look is fabulous! Good work!
    Must call soon. I miss our chats. Cheers!

  14. What a GREAT room! Perfect for visiting blog-friends from Boston or wherever. Want to come design mine?

  15. It looks great! You've got me looking thru the paper for good garage sales in my area!!!

  16. Wendy: This pesky blogger; hope they get their act together!

    Barry: Uh...how'd you know? Thanks.

    Andy: TYVM!

    Boston Pobble: Yes! That's my Blog Guest Room!

    Jodie: Yay! I'm heading the market and a few in about 1/2 an hour!

  17. Good Lord! So perfectly luscious! You should be well pleased with yourself. I'm ready to move in!

  18. That's a gorgeous room! If it's your blog-guest room, can I come, too? :)

  19. shannon8:33 PM

    i am insanely jealous that (1) you have a sunroom and (2) you got that furniture for $80. i NEVER have that kind of luck at garage sales. damn.

  20. Your room is lovely. Congratulations on getting the whole house "finished". Have you begun to notice the little paint chips in the other rooms yet, and the dings in the baseboards, and ... ?

  21. job well done!!!!
    Let's make some sangria blanca and sit and chat for awhile - that room is very inviting.

  22. what a beautiful, pretty, warm and fresh air feeling room! i love windows, we are adding one to our family room too, but won't be anywhere near as you.

  23. Mom of All Seasons: Thank you. Of course, there's always somethin. I've hired a guy just to walk around, periodically, and tell me what needs to be done.

    Mary: Sangria Blanca is PERFECT! If we spill, no worries!

    Nancy: Treatments for lots of windows = $$$. Time to play the lotto.


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