Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Market Report

Cold, rainy, and windy this weekend, I can't believe it's mid June. Sunday morning now, and the temperature here is 57 degrees. Good for our power bills.

The market was sparse yesterday. Several vendors opted to sleep in over fighting the wind to keep wares on the table. Hardcore marketers, Marcy and Dana and I mucked out anyway. Here are a few of the morning's encounters:

This is Alexandra. She's 9 years old, and selling her handmade floral pens and hair bands ($2 and $1), and putting the proceeds into savings, for her college fund. She's very sweet and amazingly articulate.

Farmstead Goat Cheese: I have to stop here every weekend.

These are dog treats. Enough to make your dog salivate, but...well...bleah.

Fish Peppers? I'll admit I took this photo because I thought someone was joking with us. But no. Read on.

It is known that the Fish pepper was an African-American heirloom that began as a mutation of a common Serrano pepper.... Fish peppers were raised almost exclusively in the black community and used in oyster and crab dishes, and especially when cooking terrapin. By the early 1900’s, fruits from this hot pepper had found their way into the markets of Baltimore and Philadelphia, where they were discovered by chefs and used as a secret ingredient to spike seafood dishes.
Neat to learn something new. And speaking of learning, here's a shot that will mean something to only one or two that stop in here:

That's Mrs. Jones, our first-grade teacher. Is she still alive?!!! Yup, and that beehive hairdo is still going strong, god bless 'er.


  1. Wow!!! Good research on fish peppers! I, too, thought it was a funny typo. I might buy some next week so I can "spike" my fish dishes. What a fun, cold, windy, rainy Saturday morning!

  2. You are hardcore! It's really chilly here - but a perfect day for baseball (which seems to be all we do these days!)

    I wonder what happened to my first grade teacher!? Probably wearing sensible shoes like Mrs. Jones!

  3. Hmmm 57 degrees - double that and you have our temp here today!! Nice Market report
    I dont think I will need any handmade hair band things though.

  4. Like Mrs Jones, I'll be out with TP and some strapping lad in his 20's will rock up and say, "I was in your 1st grade". What's more astonishing is she'll remember their names! I told her there's probably lots of photos of her back on blogs these days!

  5. I am sooo jealous of your market! Even with a few vendors you have more to choose from than we do on a good day! Funny thing is, several of our vendors drive to Chicago to bring back produce they sell here as their own...

    The doggie treats? LOL!!! But, I zoomed in on the ingredients, really great stuff except I swear the last one is Nutmeg?! Did I read that correctly? Someone should tell him that nutmeg is like 'pot' for dogs...some pooches can't handle it at all, makes them freak out. Like squirrels & almonds, same thing.
    (Um...or do I just spend WAY too much time in my bakery & back yard???)

  6. I just love your market updates...especially the photos! I'd never heard of "fish peppers" before. SEE what you can learn from people's blogs????



  7. I had a great time. I would go back again and eat all the pastries and breads I can find!

    And after reading about the fish peppers,I'm hoooongry!

  8. Kansas City has some good cajun food and I have heard people talk of fish peppers! Our favorite market booth is one that sells homeade honey. My youngest likes to buy flavored honey staw sticks! Very tasty! It was 80 degrees and hot/humid here...YUCK!

  9. Dana: Secret ingredient, we won't tell.

    Wendy: I swear, I thought Mrs. Jones was in her 70s back in 1967, and she still looks the same today. Hard to imagine, now, that she was perhaps only in her 20s.

    Barry: Nice & chilly here. No hair band? How about a cute ball-point pen?

    Dogbait: TP must have one hell of a memory...or maybe she just loved her babies, yes?

    Jin: Interesting news on the nutmeg...maybe I will mention it; wouldn't want the community dogs to all go haywire every saturday afternoon.

    Janet: I learn a LOT from people's blogs...and I believe everything I read, too.

    Momo: Saturday a.m., 8:00. Be there or be there (Market on the) Square.

    Jodie: We have a honey guy that sells those straws too. He's pretty popular with the kiddies. You can keep your humidity, though I know it's coming...

  10. Alexandra looks like a real cute kid:)The goat cheese looks nice too. Although I have always liked kraft cheese slice..prepacked. ( Am lazy by nature ) As always a very nice blog entry. I miss open air markets. We have them in Malaysia's called "Pasar Minggu". Translated pasar=market, Minggu=weekend.

  11. Edina: I'd love to come to YOUR market!

    We have a Kraft factory in our town. It' often a source of community conflict because on a humid day you can smell it for miles...and it's not a pretty smell...brings down the value of the homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. But yah...they make a great grilled cheese!

  12. Alexandra looks a little like Brian to me.


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