Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Taste Too

My previous post sure was grumbly, wasn't it? I meant every word of it, this is true.

But I actually left the festival smiling. While we sat on the grass with our water and cold chicken, I observed this woman nearby:

And I realized:

SHE is at the same festival that I am at, at the very same time. She has trudged through the same crowd, the same chaos. I see that she has a meal with her, and is probably also waiting for friends. Hence, she waited in the same lines.

And SHE is dancing, while I grumble.

And we make choices about our perceptions and our reactions.

And hers is SO much better than mine was.

I will remind myself: Lori, choose to dance.


  1. Life lessons, huh? They are always around us and we don't usually pay attention to them. Looks like you were paying attention.


  2. I like your idea of how to handle such situations.

    Besides, it is ok to be grumpy once in a while

  3. That woman kicks butt!

    I'll bet she's very cool to know.

    But the festival still sucked.

  4. I would make a song and dance. Print off your "grumble" and send it to the organisers. Let them know how people feel because that's precisely what I would have written. Yours in gruminess!

  5. She's so beautiful!

  6. Anonymous4:58 PM


  7. amen! always dance. even though it mortifies my kids i do.

  8. Lori, choose to dance.

    Nice to finally learn your name!

  9. That you stopped, watched and photo'd shows that you have a wonderful eye! ALWAYS dance. Have you ever seen Elizabeth Town. I love the scene where he has to stop and dance!

  10. I'll choose to dance...when I don't have to eat raw chicken or pay $4 bucks for a pony ride...LOL!!

    But senseless dancing is definitely on my list of things to do this weekend..!!

  11. This lady did brighten our day. After I saw her, I just had to smile and immediately felt calmer and a little guilty for being such a sour puss.

    I enjoy anytime I get to spend with you guys! No matter WHAT we do!

  12. CB: For once...:-)

    Barry: You be careful dancing in that desert heat, y'hear?

    Tracy: She did kick butt. Wish she knew!

    Dogbait: Maybe I'll send along a few suggestions.

    Tai: I think so too!

    Anon: Can I still bellyache?

    Laurie: Hallelujah!

    Lime: Cracked me up, you did. Even better!

    Wil: I thought everyone already knew!

    Jodie: She was a lot of fun, couldn't help but stop and notice her.

    Mary: The Raw Chicken Dance! Yeah!

    Momo: We weren't THAT sour...okay, the raw chicken did torque us off some...

  13. Good for you shaping your attitude up like that! Good girl! :-) Hope you're well babe.


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