Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday's Market Report

The market report is: I didn't go to the market this week. I was, instead, trying to wake up and tackle this mess:

Don't you love it? We had a going-away party for Ilaiy Friday night. He's a pretty laidback guy with an extensive (300+) t-shirt collection, so we all wore wacky t-shirts, if we had 'em, in his honor:

Looking at someone else's party pix may bore you to death, but we had such a good time, I have to share. And our friends might be peeking in for photos also.

We had a Mexican-style cookout with gobs and gobs of food (pork in tomatillo sauce, chorizo, chicken, and hot sausages) and margaritas (fresh peaches, strawberries, and melon), and great friends. Food and friends: Always a winning combination.

Mark, Chetan, Kaye, Kristie, Nancy, Atef, Mike

Allen, Nancy, Chetan
We laughed. A lot!

To complete our fiesta, Dana and Atef brought a giant pinata. Atef found a nail over the french doors, he decided it was the perfect place for it. Yes, I let him hang a piñata between GLASS doors, and thought it was a good idea when they found my mag light to use as a piñata beater-upper. I see now why they refilled my wine glass for me so often earlier in the evening. Ilaiy went first:

Then Mike:

Atef went next, and finished off the game. Here's live footage of Atef The Pinata Killer that Marcy-Momo posted on YouTube:

Shocking, isn't it? Here's one of me wearing a piece of the leftover carnage:

And, after stuffing ourselves with candy, those that were left retired to the sunroom and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Well, some of us talked, while others just...listened.

We had a great time, but, as I told Momo later, it would have been impossible to throw a lousy party with such good company. We'll miss that Ilaiy boy, but he promises to fly back and visit us frequently.


  1. indeed, we will miss Ilaiy!!!!! It was a great party: great food, great conversations, but most of all great people, and an especially great hostess!!! yes, ilaiy, you will be greatly missedf!!

  2. Did I vaguely hear "you want some of that b*tch?" while the piñata got whacked??!!

    Totally hilarious!!

  3. What fun!!!!!!! I am SO having a pinata at my next party!

  4. It looks great on you!

  5. Hell yes I would fly back anytime for a party like this ..

    Shall miss you guys ..


  6. Sounds like a blast!

  7. I must say the lipstick you're wearing is just perfect. i WANT IT. And by the way, that creature you're wearing on your head isn't too bad either. Looks like it was a fun day. Wooo!!

  8. always love to vicariously go to your parties! :) and I WANT THAT RED CAR!!!!!!

  9. I love parties where you wake up the next day and measure the amount of fun you had by the amount of trash you have to clean up.

    I've added your blog to my LINKS.

    Best wishes for a thankless job.

  10. Anonymous7:08 AM

    T-o-m-a-t-i-l-l-o! Just the Mexican in me coming out! I'm not sure, but I think that was pinata abuse. Love the T-shirt idea.


  11. MaryP: You heard it, and I don't think it was all that vague! :-) Mark gets credit for that witticism!

    Micah: I'll be waiting for my invite.

    Tai: Thank you. I had no idea I looked so good in a hat.

    Ilaiy: Make reservations now, please.

    CrazyMeYou: It was. You should have been there.

    Edina: Wish I could send you lipstick particulars, but mine are merely perpetually chapped; I'm really not wearing anything in that pic...but pain. Ow! Where's my lip balm?

    Jay: That's one of Allen's cars, he has restored several. We had fun admiring this one. You actually have to crank the headlights up one at a time.

    Wil: Me too, the bigger the mess, the better the party...unless there's blood to clean up. Blood = bad.

    AZ: HA! T-o-m-a-t-i-l-l-O, I knew; sorry about my heinous typo. And me in the bookmaking business; I'd lose my job for that!

  12. It was a fabulous party! I really had a blast. Everyone was so much fun.

    We will miss our Ilaiy tons and tons and tons! He hasn't left and I already can't wait for him to come back to see us!

  13. I thought I had commented here - I guess I didn't. Man is old age getting to me or what?

    I think I was waiting for the video - but like they almost never download - but the party did look fun.

  14. Note to Micah: Do NOT vacuum up the pinata remains, lest you render your sweeper stuffed full of fluff.

  15. It was fun to peek at the party! The pinata scene was like something out of the Sopranos - very funny. What a great send-off....


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