Monday, June 05, 2006

Saturday Saling

I set out Saturday morning with Ilaiy and Dana for the farmer's market and a few garage sales. I have to tell you about one particular stop.

We were late. The proprietor was closing down, taking a few items back into the house. He invited us to continue to look around, and indicated that he had a few more things in the house; he asked what we were looking for. "How about a table and chairs?" I asked him.

Awww. No. Someone just took off with the table and chairs. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm.

But then he said, "oh, heck, just come on in, and see if there's anything that interests you."

I am trying now to remember just what I was expecting. Maybe a desk, or a chair with the price tag still on it? A few things boxed up in the doorway?

I do remember that we gasped in unison when we stepped into his home. It was filled! Floor-to -ceiling with beautiful art and antiques and furniture and clocks and books and lamps and radios and...history. It was as if we'd stepped through a portal into another time, another world. I was Robin Williams, in What Dreams May Come, standing inside a favorite painting.

Our host was most kind, showing us into every room, and giving us oral histories of several of the artifacts: Tattered books of political cartoons from the early 1900s. Gossip chairs. Stained glass. A billiards table built in the late 1800s.

He allowed me take a few photos, gave me permission to blog about it. The photos don't really do the place justice, but I hope you can get an idea. Upon entering:

(Click on any image to enlarge)

This organ really works. He played a few notes for us.

A matching cat in every room. I would hardly have been surprised if this cat had just come right out and introduced himself in plain English.

Clocks. Working clocks; the ticking enhanced the ambiance of the house even more. They were wonderful to look at and to listen to.

I fell in love with this little globe lamp, but it wasn't for sale. "It goes so well with this room," he told us. He was right. It fit his place better than it ever would mine; it is where it should be.

We were there for quite some time, poking around and admiring. We left out of sheer politeness, as we could have all fixed ourselves a sandwich and stayed all day.

We left his home feeling both astonished and...cozy. We'd staggered out of bed at the crack of 9:00 to hit a few sales, and—Lo!—smacked into an nice guy that led us into his house of treasures. It was an unexpected twist that left us feeling all warm and fuzzy. Amazing things are just waiting to happen to you, if you get out of your lazyboy and step outside.

Don't you love it?


  1. It was one of the best Sales I have ever been to.. Would like to go back with Momo and you guys .. Hmmm .. Please take me ..


  2. You never know what dreams may come. That's a favorite movie of mine BTW. Today sucks. Forecast calls for periods of severe crankiness followed by bouts of black depression. Blah.

  3. That's one of my favorite movies too! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Although I participate actively in Lori's adventures, I rarely comment. So, finally:

    Dana said...
    It was I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E*!!!!!!
    Lori may have been too modest to end her blog by stating that the very kind man who led us through his house told us, as we leaving and thanking him for his kindness: "You made my day!" That added even more to the 'warm fuzziness' that Lori mentioned. We were already having a terrific day of fff's (fabulous 50s finds), but after leaving our new friend's house, we just smiled all day.

  5. What a beautiful, magical place!

    I'm ready to move in. I have five cats he could build special rooms around...

  6. Momo is right ~ magical. It doesn't look like it should actually exist. I'm so glad to know it does, somewhere. And even more glad you got to spend a little time in it.

  7. That looks like my cat, but a smaller version.

    Did you buy anything from him?

  8. Ilaiy: His home did seem like one that was "open to the public" didn't it? I'm not sure we can just knock and go in! ha!

    Andy: Cheer up, ya grouchy butthead. I like that movie too; should watch it again.

    Betty: It was a great time.

    DanaVogantogo: You're right, his appreciation for our appreciation did make a world of difference. Maybe we'll catch him at an auction soon.

    Momo: What's 5 more cats? Take them on over!

    BostonPobble: Wish you could have been there. A very cool day!

    Awe: Nope, we just went in there and touched all of his cool stuff. We have his name & number, though, and we just might call back.

  9. A 'house of treasures' and a kind person to show you the way.

    What a treat!

  10. Sounds wonderful. I love treasures! The photos remind me of I Spy books - there are all these details to see :)

  11. wow, what a great house and what a great adventure. Isn't it fun to imagine what treasure troves are nesting right amongst us and we don't even know it??

  12. Okay, aside from the cat it looks like you guys had a good time. You know what they say: One person's trash may be another person's treasure. In this case, it looks like you guys hit the jackpot.

  13. Tai: A 'treat'...perfect word!

    Wendy: I would LOVE to have a day and a camera in this place.

    JayAre: Right. It makes me want to make my own home a little treasure trove. It is, in ways....

    SomeGuy: Not a cat lover, eh? The cats were actually part of the magic. Each one really DID seem to match his room, and never leave it. They loved you upon approach...maybe not your cup of tea, but we were COMPLETELY enchanted by them.

    At any rate, Jackpot hits the nail in the head.


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