Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Army Boot Pedicure


  1. That is terrible ..


  2. Ouch. I've got some pain today, but I'm not about to get into it.

    Rock on.

  3. ARGH...! I have sympathy, too. When I first moved from Houston to NYC back in '86, my heels were nearly raw from all of the walking I was doing in (what I discovered were) badly-fitted shoes.

    And it seems to take AGES for them to heal. Hey. There's a possibly pun there, I think?!?!?




  4. Too late now, but here is an "old-timers" trick.

    Before going on a long walk (i.e. MARCH) coat your feet in gobs of petroleum jelly.

    I mean put it on real thick! Put your socks on and head out. At first it will feel very weird, kinda like walking in jello. As the day wears on, your feet will aprreciate it and you will not get blisters, etc.

    Just an "old farts" 2-cents worth of info.

  5. *CRINGE*

    Poor Brian!

    I feel like I need to come over and cut that off and bandage him up! At the very least, I hope he got that thang offa there!! ;0)

  6. Yikes. I could have gone all week without seeing that! Poor Brian :(

    And ARGHHH to Janet's pun~!

  7. I had to look sooo many times to figure out what that was.

  8. gnightgirl2:37 PM

    Ilaiy: yeah, are you ok over there?

    CB: Spill it!

    Janet: Ha! good one! Heal, get it? Heel! :-D

    Wil: I'll pass it on. Does the army hand out vaseline?

    Momo: He actually cut it off and left it on my desk. I took a photo, but decided to spare you all.

    Wendy: Quick! Go get the boys!

    Buffy: It is a bizarre angle. He kept telling me "don't get ME in the picture." I did the best I could do...

  9. Spill it? Um, I'm just a bellman working in the heat in heavy pants with a rash in a very uncomfortable area.

    Glad you asked? lol

  10. I'm sure he worked very hard to get that blister. It's not exactly the prettiest scrapbook photo - but it sure tells a story!

  11. CB: Sounds blogworthy! Get out your camera...

    FMM: You're right, it's not locket fodder. Blech.

  12. P-A-I-N-F-U-L!!!!!!! I hate blisters..( don't we all ) but a blister at THAT particular site is possible one of the top three most HATED places to develop. Other spots would be - on the side of your little toe. ( Ouch ) and...errrm..can't think of another place ..but I'm sure it'll come to me eventually

  13. my son used mole skin to keep from getting blisters, he said it worked. We found them at walmart by the shoe inserts where we also bought him good boot liners


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