Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Free to a good home...

One green and purple armchair...

With one extremely fast little tarantula—faster than a screaming woman and one U.S. soldier combined. Can jump from ottoman to armchair in a single bound.

References not necessary. Yours for the taking.


  1. Get that thing away from me! Sexist of me to say, but I feel like screaming like a girl as I look at that photo.


  2. Sorry - Once a tarantula's been found on or in it, I can't take it off your hands.

  3. Anonymous2:04 AM

    That's no tarantula! A tarantula is cute and fuzzy that arthropod is all shiny and gross.


  4. You'd be no good with meter boxes then. Could give you a coronary!

  5. Ohh.. if only it didn't have that purple it would be perfect. Oh well...

  6. Bleaaaahh!!

    That'd be quite a shock. I'm sure I won't ever sit in that chair again. ;0)

    Seriously though, I'll come kill it for ya. That's the one thing I don't mind to kill...

  7. I generally don't mind spiders...but that is kind gross.

  8. Where are the blistering military boots when you need them!

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  10. I have tried to leave comments, I have no idea how many times... The net has not cooperated - so this is a genereal for the last few posts kind of thing, you have a right to be proud, you have a great relationship with your family, and I used to have a pet tarantula, so what is the problem?

    LOL :P

  11. ShayBay: Thank you. I screamed like a girl too.

    Larry: C'moooon, it's freeeeeeeeee.

    AZ: It IS a tarantula, a heinous, poisonous one, I'm sure of it!

    Dogbait: The idea of opening a meter box and having any kind of spider skit out...I'd need Holly to revive me.

    Dick: Doesn't go with your "space", huh? Put it in the garden.

    Momo the Spider Slayer! C'mon down!

    Tai: You don't mind spiders or skunks....verrrrry interesting.

    TDNA: You're right, I could have tossed that boot at that spider with all of my strength.

    Barry: THERE you are! A PET tarantula?! You brought it into your house on purpose, and gave it a litter box and everything? I don't theeeenk so.

  12. did you hear me scream from here??

  13. ::shiver shiver::

    Did you sleep in your house with that 'thing' still alive??

  14. Jay Are: Is THAT what that was? It was blood-curdling!

    Wendy: You and me too, sistah!

    Mary: I had the house bulldozed.

  15. Hey GNG.
    I just read your post over at T's place. Do over indeed, but not for you. When someone treats you like that your inability to help them is their karmic payback for their treatment of you, not the otehr way around. You're in the clear kid. Let it go.

  16. Don't let it bite you-
    you'll be shooting webs
    out of your wrist within
    a day.

  17. Holy crap! Holy crap, crap, crap!!!


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