Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sweltering Market Report

We have had a "Severe Weather Alert" in this berg for the last few days, which is to last a few more. The heat index reached 108 yesterday, so if you were smart, you went to the market early. I was not. Here's the 10 a.m. scene down one usually-packed aisle:

It was eerily quiet by then too, due mostly, I think, to the musicians packing it in early. It was much too hot to sing and dance on that hot black asphalt.

On the other hand, I think the heat enhanced the market's aroma. The scent of basil and cilantro bowled you over. Even the smell of a box full of sun-warmed green peppers was enticing. They were 3/$1 yesterday, and I was sure to bring some home.

Potatoes are starting to pop up. My favorites are baby red potatoes. They were either sold out or not quite ready for harvest, but these fingerling potatoes were plentiful.

Garlic and shallots are thriving now too.

Most stands are selling the tomatoes for $2.50/lb, which I find a little pricey. There are others around town going for $1.75 or so, and ever frugal, I shop there instead. Still, one stand had a reduced price on their seconds.

These aren't quite as ripe or beautiful as the more expensive ones, but a few days in a sunny window, and they'll be ready to go.

When I took the pic of these gourds, the woman selling them snapped at me, "you'll take a picture, but you won't buy one!" Tsk, tsk, be never know when you're biting the head off a blogger. I would have said something nice about her stupid gourds, but now I won't. What would I do with a gourd anyway?

Well, this couple could teach me a thing or two about that. These are the creations of Chuck and Karenlee Spencer, in Charleston, Illinois.

It was just crazy-hot yesterday, that's all there is to it! I am reminded of a former coworker's true childhood story, of a pet parrot whose cage was placed by the back door. After a few weeks of particularly brutal heat, the parrot began reciting "It's f***'in hot!!!" and their father had to reprimand them all. And then move the cage to another section of the house.



  1. These posts are always nice. Nice colors, nice characters. Those fresh tomatoes make me hungry.

  2. LOL!

    The weather is really pleasant here in Maine. Come on by!

  3. If Lionel and Daisy ever learned to talk, that would be one of their first phrases as well, I have no doubt.

  4. You know...I went to 3 different farmers markets today, and at each one of them I thought, "OH! I should take a picture of this so gnightgirl can see this."

    And then I remembered I forgot my camera.

    It's funny though, how blog-friends really are walking around with us sometimes!

  5. Guess what's back here? And they're all mine too!

  6. Tomatoes for $1 a pound? That's great! Love your market report. I could almost feel the heat on this one.

  7. I'm with the parrot.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Ha! Never mess with a testy blogger on a hot day! The Bri-o-nara post was corny and touching. I got a little misty there. You rock as a Mom and a human being. Lova ya! Come visit soon!
    Next week Tricia from is coming with her daughter for some sailing!

  9. I tried to use your how-to-beautifully-photograph-foods techniques while we were in Seattle. You have a way with the camera...even when it's so hot!



  10. Barry: Fresh tomato sammich! Yummmm

    Wendy: I'm on my way.

    BP: Hope doogies are keeping cool. Watch out, it' coming your way!

    Tai: It's true! We saw someone at our coffee shop that we could picture with a sword on her head!

    DB: Congratulations!

    Dick: Thanks!

    ChezBez: Parrots call 'em as they see 'em.

    Andy: Very cool. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen.

    Janet: Thanks. I'll check out your pix!

  11. Good post! And -- where are you finding less-expensive tomatoes? You mentioned "other places around town." As much as I like to be loyal to my favorite vendors at the market, I want more tomatoes than I have $$ to buy, at $2.50 and $2.75 a pound.

    Aren't those shallots great? I've got a whole slew of them that I need to do something with. Over-bought in my excitement at seeing them there.

  12. Lisa: There's a stand on West Springfield Avenue, in the Lil' Porgy's parking lot, that sells tomatoes around $1.70/lb. He's open every day, as far as I know.


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