Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On Living Alone...

I worked a little late tonight. Picked up a few groceries on the way home. Unloaded them, and worked in the kitchen a bit, preparing veggies for future dishes. I put on headphones, folded some clothes, scrubbed two bathrooms down, including washing floors on hands and knees, with a scrub brush. I vacuumed the place, took the garbage to the dumpster down the street, and, around 8:00, decided to tend to dinner.

I have a beautiful, giant, hot pink tomato here, begifted from my friend Mark, out of his garden. Oh, and fresh basil. What to do....

I set linguine to boil, and threw a little garlic into olive oil, to saute. Added some shrimp. At the last minute, I tossed in the chopped tomato, the fresh basil, a little black pepper, and a handful of parmesan cheese. mmmmmm

Pasta ready, I used my handy-dandy pasta pan, with the lid with the strainer-drainer holes in it, and poured the hot water into the sink.

Lost my grip, and dumped all of the fettucine right into the sink and drain along with the water.

The sink. The sink that I'd earlier dumped my mop-water into...


I SWEAR, if I'd been cooking for YOU, I would tossed the linguine and started all over.


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I dump my mop H2O in the toilet...

  2. how was the shrimp??

  3. HAHAHAHA! I just LOVE you! I don't believe it for a second. You'd only do over if I was WATCHING! HAHAHAHA!

  4. The sad thing about cooking for just yourself is that it takes longer to prepare than it does to eat and about as long to clean up afterwards as it did to cook it.

    I enjoy cooking but just can't bring myself to do it anymore unless I am having company, which I haven't had for about 8 years. I am a recluse when I am not working.

    Just easier to buy something pre-made from a deli.

  5. A little olive oil and mop water enhances any good pasta.

  6. I'd probably do the same thing but wouldn't be brave enough to admit it. I'll bet it tasted great!

  7. Yummy...You don't wanna know what goes on in my toddler-ridden house...

  8. Sounds like the 5 second rule to me.

  9. The sink was EXTRA clean BECAUSE you poured the mop water in it.

    I would've eaten it anyway - since you are a wonderful cook!

  10. Oh God, I could tell you stories about sanitary conditions in my apartment that would make Pigpen dry heave. A little mop water never hurt anybody. It's the bleach that kills ya.

  11. I actually use soap when I wash my coffee mugs instead of just giving them a good rinse when company comes over too. Ain't it great?

    And if that's the list of things you do after a day when you work late, would you come over to mine next time? Pleeeeeeeeassseee...

  12. If you give the dish a fancy Italian name like, "pasta di mopa aqui", everybody will eat it like a delicacy.

  13. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you have a food blog, too -- which you haven't updated in a while! I liked what I read there, even so. The lime-cilantro burgers sounded delish.

    This post is funny. I loved the last line. Good one! I just read a funny story in a recipe newsletter I get from a woman who lovingly made this great chicken stock, got out the strainer, and poured the stock through the strainer....right down the sink drain. Ouch. I have actually done that myself. At least you have the excuse that you lost control of the pot! And the pasta was still perfectly fine, though perhaps a bit gritty. :)

  14. shannon3:26 PM

    ah, living alone. you accomplish so much more than i do!

    you have to take your garbage down the street?!

  15. Anon: You dump your mop water into the same toilet your dog drinks out of?! That's just gross.

    Nancy: It was awesome!

    Andy: If YOU were there, I'd have just put plug in the sink, poured in the sauce, handed you a fork, and said "dig in!"

    Wil: Aww, you gotta treat yourself every now and again. Else, invite some folks over. No one turns down good food! Fine. I'm coming over.

    Larry: It is THE new secret ingredients. Do NOT sell it to McDonalds!

    Dick: It was good. Even mop-pasta's good with basil.

    Awe: A little rinse, it was all good.

    Momo: yes, I like to think that the preliminary boiling water sterilized the sink immediately before my dinner fell in.

    ChazDapper: Clorox Ragu. mmmmmm

    BP: I like to consider my coffee cup "seasoned."

    TDNA: You're a genius! I'm opening my own restaurant!

    Lisa: I've nearly done that before with the stock; how maddening!

    Shannon: I don't do that EVERY night! My garbage is a neighborhood one, about 3 doors down. A bit of pain to get it there, but I never remember to take the garbage to the curb anyway, so it's ideal for me.

  16. I know you would make me eat the mopocinni and tell me the hair was to use as floss later.

  17. PP: Well, YOU'RE not company. You're family. Wash your damned fork when you're done, too.

  18. Don't worry GNG, I'll never tell!!


  19. This was a very smart post because we will all know what to tell the paramedics when they come to pick you up in the middle of the night.

  20. shannon2:23 PM

    well how about that, a neighborhood garbage. i've never heard of such a thing. where have i been?

    i think my neighbors probably snark and refer to me as the "one who leaves her trash cans out for two days." for some reason i delay bringing the empty ones back to the garage. it's weird.

  21. I would have loved the fresh bread with parmesan cheese. Anything with cheese would do..


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