Friday, August 04, 2006

A Few Highlights

I'm mortified to realize how long it's been since I've updated my favorite bloggers list on the side. I'm reading a lot more than have been listed. I took time this morning to update my template and I'm going to highlight them here.

Afraid to Blink. Dick's dishing up some phenomenal photography, every day I gasp. I do. I say "Oh!" Get you over there to "ooo" and "ahhhh" your ownself.

Barry's Baghdad Blog. Barry's fun, and he's doing something amazing right now: training Iraqi police officers. Read! You won't be disappointed.

I'm About to Be Brilliant: Jag, in Tennessee. It's good in her 'hood, she says. Always something interesting, and often touching. Love this one.

BlogPourri: The adventures of Nancy, the SAHM. 4-year-old twins she has; the stories are hilarious, and the photos even better. Scroll down and check out blue hands.

Crock Head Abroad: A local blog (if you live here, that is). A former Amish boy, who posts now and again. The "Ask Aunt Tillie" pieces are worth waiting for. The last question asked was "Do Amish Cuss?" Here's an excerpt from Aunt Tillie's answer:
Even the Son of God would have said "Son of a $%#&! if his hammer had hit his thumb instead of the nail.
Go there. Bug him to write more. He loves pressure.

Hello? Is This Thing On?
Tai can balance a sword on her head, and there are skunks, and laryngitis, and stalkers in this blog. She has something for everyone!

Little Blog on the Prairie: Another local blog, and my source for News I Can Use: What's going on in this town. Jupiter and Papa Dels are coming Village Crossing. I can hardly wait!

Mary Poppins Has Left the Building: Mary's a hip Puerto Rican chica, with hilarious and touching stories about her daughter, her parents, her friends. Mary keeps it real, doesn't pull any punches, and her dad is going to crack you up!

: Can't believe I didn't have Dogbait listed; I've been reading and occasionally corresponding with this funny Australian meter reader for quite some time. Always some good pictures, of scenery, and nice dogs and bad dogs, and sometimes, peacocks. The commentary's pretty amusing too.

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?
Laurie is one fun blogger, writing about food, and spilling other miscellanea from her brain as she see's fit. She does a series called Hallsnark cards. Here's one:
Happy Anniversary to my Soon-to-Be-Ex-Husband and his Gold Digger Mistress
Bank Austria Cayman Islands
Account Number 17*32****89***7
Now, who’s the stupid bitch?
Go visit her for more.

I've Got a Few Things to Say
: Penny has been crackin my shit up with her daily wedding plans. She has everything down to a T...except for the man. You have to read her!

Spider Girl
. She's a belly dancer, boys, take a peek. She's also a gardener, a seamstress, and a very fun story teller. She and Tai are friends from childhood too, you'll read about them both on each other's blogs.

Paradise Driver
: Another one I can't believe I haven't linked to, shame on me! Wil's a retired cop, and now cab driver in Mau'i. You'll get great stories, fun pix of his customers, and always gorgeous pix of the Island. He doesn't know it yet, but if I ever go to Mau'i, I'm making him cook dinner. For me, I mean.

Twisted DNA: A very clever blogger, this one, and his plumbing techniques seem to mirror mine. His profile says he is both Indian and American, which gives him "license to mock either culture."

There they are. You are all going to kill me when you find out I've been keeping these good reads all to myself.


  1. Thank you , Thank you for the plug!!

  2. HEY!

    Thanks for the shout-out, girl!

    If I had a blog roll, you'd be on it...but I'm not so clever :)

  3. ...if I ever go to Mau'i, I'm making him cook dinner. For me, I mean.

    Dinner, I'll buy. At the most beautiful, and best, restaurant on the island.

    Breakfast, I'll cook. Eggs Benedict, raspberry sorbet and champagne with fresh strawberrys.

  4. Thanks for all the links (even mine). :)

  5. You were one of the first on my blogroll and I finally crack a mention! It must have been the heat! Thanks for kind words and look forward to checking out all the others you mentioned.

    Wil, I'm going to be on the first plane over for that breakfast and bugger the heart!

  6. Ah, shucks, gnight girl, you're going to shame me into staying up late and blogging tonight. Thanks for the plug.

  7. You forgot "Antiquity oaks" i know you enjoy Deborahs blog. Thanks for the new ones i will read them all.

  8. What? No Chez Bez love linkage?

    But then, thanks for Spider Girl. All is forgiven. ;)

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Everybody: YW. Thank YOU! Good blogs hard to come by, yes?

    Wil: That's the most beautiful breakfast I've ever had. I'm heading to next!

    June: thanks for the reminder. I'll do some counter highlights next time around.

    CB: Sure, make me feel guilty! But HEY: You've been on there for ages. I'll make it up to you somehow...

  10. Thank you, sweet lady!

  11. I kid, of course.

    Have a nice weekend.

  12. My blog is also begging for an update , but I can't find any templates that I like.

  13. Thank you for the mention, Lori! Thanks for the nice introduction too.. assuming "clevar" is a good thing :)

  14. Thanks for the flattery ...

  15. Oh. My. GAWD!!!

    I can't believe you highlighted little old me...thank you SO much!!!

    You just made my day.


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