Sunday, August 13, 2006

Market Report & Silver Linings Part Deux

Ok, I didn't really go to the market this week. I was out reunion-izing and pub crawling until 2:30 the night before. Quite honestly, I couldn't think of a single vegetable I just *had* to have when I woke up Saturday morning.

Clearly, the reunion was fun, and I didn't just go home. It was nice to catch up with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Photos will be posted on a website later, and I'll give you the secret password when they come in. Heh heh hehhhhhh.

Last night's event was also pleasant, but a bit more low key, despite a DJ blasting rap music at decibles making conversation almost impossible. I cut out early, and went downtown for a cup of coffee.

That's what today's report is actually about.

Back to Silver Linings

First of all, the pic above. I found these gerber daisies on a windowsill in an alley, brightening up all of the junk set outside for pick up. It's in a rather populated thoroughfare connecting one block of bars to another, and I loved that no one bothered them.

And more importantly, I ran downtown to check on our friend, mentioned in last Sunday's dark little post.

Yay, yay, he was there, having tea. I joined his table, and told him I was glad he'd returned. That we'd worried about him. That *everyone* was upset at his departure last week.

He already knew.

I wasn't the first to approach him. He told me that he'd spoken with the owner, and apologized for his own outburst. The clerks inside had apologized to him for any misunderstandings, and others that had witnessed or heard of the event stopped him to give him their support, and their horror at the behavior of the people that treated him so poorly.

When I got up to leave last night, our friend got up and hugged the stuffing out of me. He thanked me for supporting him.

Last Sunday morning I awoke feeling like I had a weight on my chest. This morning I awake feeling re-newed. People rallied. People bothered. As Wendy's mentioned to me before, "Goodness reigns."

And, I'd like to leave a message to the guy with the laptop:
Thank you. Without your deplorable behavior, our friend might not know how many people actually care about him. Maybe evil was a blessing in disguise here. So, thanks.

Oh. Also, before I forget: Go screw yourself.


  1. Glad you had fun at the reunion!

  2. I love your market reports but this was a excellent substitite! Don't you just love happy endings?

  3. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Mean laptop person. . .

  4. Great post kid. Glad all is well.
    My life is suckin right now but as usual you give me hope.

  5. What were you doing walking in an alley at night???

    I'm glad the reunion was fun - my husbands is coming up in 3 weeks. I hope his classmates have some good stories.

  6. Mary: Rest assured it wasn't a dark little creepy alley. A lot of of our downtown alleys have sidewalk tables and diners on them. This one didn't, but I was swanked on either side by them.

    I'm creepy-alley phobic too, night or day!

  7. I love happy endings. And Laptop guy will get what he deserves in life.

  8. thanx for the update on your friend...happy reunion!


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