Friday, August 11, 2006

A minute to Catch Up...

Once again, life is moving past me faster than Blogspeed. You wouldn't believe the half-finished entries I've marked "Save as Draft." Time to purge, and in the meantime, give you a few highlights. Catch you up.

Tonight and tomorrow night is my 25th High School Reunion. 400-ish people in my graduating class, and they're having a pub-crawl in Urbana tonight. Of course, so many won't show up, but I still found the revolving reunion idea an odd one. It's not like we're trying to keep 10 or 12 people together. I predict people lingering, getting into town late, trying to figure out where the party is, and missing one another entirely. Kind of defeats the purpose.

When I voiced that to my friend, (Class of 82) Tim, he said, "why didn't you get on the committee, then?" Because. I don't want to BE on the committee, I just want to CRITICIZE the committee, OK?

Well, at any rate I'm looking forward to it. Hey, if it sucks, I can always go home.

After conferring with Janet, I have created a Smug Mug mug. I don't guess I have anything to hide: If you're interested in checking out my photography, some of which I would categorize as actual photography, and others as mere "snapshots", then head to

At the moment, it's mostly Brian's graduation pix, but there will be more to come.

I have a temporary roommate. One of Brian's friends, John, is staying in Brian's room for few weeks until his apartment opens up. I'm adjusting well to his presence. The CAT, however, is NOT taking kindly to this boy. This boy that is not HER boy, living in HER house. She is determined to send him on his merry way, "voicing" it primarily by going on a litterbox strike.

Yes, she's peeing in Brian's room. On John's stuff. In the hallway. I am wit's end; she has never pulled anything like this before. I am always so proud when people come into my house and announce, "oh your house smells so good!" Yes, it smells of asian spice, and cooking stuff. NOT cat pee! Really. I am going crazy, with the buckets of hot soapy water, and vinegar, and sundry products from the petstore, every night after work.

I will not be entertaining guests until after John leaves.

I am buying a camera this weekend, one I've wanted for quite some time. It's a pricey little thing, and I'm half-nauseated at the prospect of dropping the dough. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I won't want for another thing, ever, after I have it in my grubby little hands. [Stop laughing, Evelyn.]

I've been sketching again. It seems like that last year was one with deadlines, and something happening or something pending. Something, that is, that served as an excuse for me to sideline the artwork. As of now (besides cleaning carpets) I have nothing pending in my life. I come home at 4:00, and think "what to do til midnight?" I'm not one for sitting around, and can keep myself quite busy. I'm making time to create. I find that no matter how much I do in a day, I have no sense of accomplishment unless I put a bit of energy into a drawing, a photo, or a painting. I'm hoping to expand on this more, as promised...last January.


That's all I have for today. Have yourselves a merry little weekend!


  1. Love your new profile photo. Can't stop staring at your "eyes". [wink]

  2. See I want a camera too, but everytime I start saving up for one, the shoe fairy starts whispering in my ear and BAM!! there goes the camera!

  3. The cat-pee thing is what I left out of my Tale of Two Kitties. I knew there was something. Conflicting cats=territorial marking. Good luck with that. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork.

  4. I JUST passed that ketchup bottle while talking to you on the phone...can you believe it? It's only a few miles from my parent's house where we are visiting!!

    I'm glad you're getting the camera!

  5. Have fun with the new camera. Looking forward to seeing the new work. Good luck with the stupid cat. I'm having car troubles. No more reverse. Time for a new car. Wish me luck on the search.

  6. Ooh! A new camera! Congrats! Perhaps you'll take lots of pictures of people at your reunion.... or not. It might be one of those situations where memory is better than photographic evidence. :)

  7. Wil: Pretty, huh! You should see where Marilyn's beauty mark falls.

    Mary: Hey! How'd you know about my shoes...? ;-)

    Larry: My Sylvia doesn't seem to understand that John is not a conflicting cat!

    Momo: How cool is THAT! I know! I'll post another landmark, then go see if you can find it!

    Andy: Car troubles sucks. I used to know a thing or two about transmissions. Ah, maybe for a later blog. Good luck. Check your transmission fluid.

    Kimber: The camera's coming from Chicago; I could have driven up to get it, but there's free the price of 2 tanks of gas! Alas, they'll mail it on Monday, and I will sleep by the mailbox.

  8. Wil said it all!

    (and dear Kimber, my friend since I was 12 also echos my sentiments!)

  9. Ah, congrats on the decision about a new camera. The thrill of aquisition will surely drown any residual buyer's remorse. Heh, it usually does with me in any case!

    I myself feel the need for a catch-up post.

    I've been doing so much but by the time I write about it, it feels like ten more blog-worthy things have happened.

    And what usually happens is they never get mentioned at all because by that time my friends and family (the ones who have blogs) have already heard about whatever it was face-to-face.


  10. OH MY GAWD!... I didn't know you could take pictures like that! And you're buying a new camera? I am definitely looking forward to this.

    And you're sketching again. I too sidelined that. Not that I'm an artist. I'd just like to learn how to draw - anything.

  11. I have camera envy


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