Sunday, August 20, 2006

Market Report & Guest Photographer

My friend Kaye sent me this photo that she took at the farmer's market in Evanston, Illinois last weekend. It wasn't the photo she thought she'd lined up; this guy just popped into it to surprise her. I think he really enhances the eggplants, though, and that she should consider framing this one.

I did go to the market yesterday, but not so much for the vegetables as an opportunity to play with the new camera. I took hundred of shots, and came home with this knowledge clear in my mind: I really DO need to read the manual. I need to read up on how to preset and fine-tune my white balance. Whatever that is.

I was still struck by the vast abundance of the harvest this week. For some reason, I keep expecting the supply of vegetables that were blooming weeks earlier to wane, but it seems like they're only growing like wildfire. There was no displaying these peppers in bushel baskets, for instance:

Every booth seemed be thriving, and in no hopes of selling out yesterday morning.

I toyed around for an hour or so, grabbed up a few bunches of basil, and moved on to playing with the camera elsewhere. I took a walk through Urbana's Old Town again, taking note, mostly of the porches.

Most of the houses have them, and amazingly enough, the majority of them were occupied. Folks sat leisurely in their shady spaces, sipping coffee and reading the paper. The neighborhood is so peaceful and enveloping, compared to the more industrial and sterile section of town that I live in. I fantasize about selling my house and moving into my own cozy, shady, bungalow in Urbana. Alas, nary a "for sale" sign within blocks.

I won't bore you with hundreds of photos, but here are 2 that I liked, at morning's end.

Peace out, friends. Don't forget to eat your vegetables.


  1. you go camera babe!

  2. I really like the B&W. It looks like it could have snapped in the 50's - except for the sneakers. The other one looks like it came out of the 60's :)

    It sounds like you had fun trying out your new camera, and Urbana sounds like a great place to walk. People sitting on their porches. phfff.. Imagine that.

  3. Love the pics!!!!

    I can't imagine the pics that'll surface once you've actually read the manual!!

  4. I love Kaye's pic!

    And your Urbana porch pics. Urbana IS such a nice, laidback town. Let's ALL move there!

  5. I want a real front porch to hang a swing from! And I live in Urbana! In the right neighborhood too! But all I have is a stoop :( Still, it is a stoop big enough to drag my rocking chair out and read on, so I guess I shouldn't complain...

  6. The second porch has to belong to hippies, arn't they great!I want that rhubarb from the market.

  7. I always love going to the market with you.

  8. Love the last two!! I love stoops,i posted about it recently and the colors in the 2nd are incredible. nice blog. via crockhead.


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