Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nikons 'n such

Ohhh boy...New toy! I raced home, then back out, for 2 hours playing with the camera in a point-n-shoot, never-read-the-manual sort of way. Here's the best of what I came home with.

Time to go read...


  1. You're way cool.

    I love your eye for a good shot, too.

  2. wow. I love the bee - and the trees. These are beautiful!!!!! Go play some more!!!

  3. Did I miss where you told us the name and type of camera you bought?

  4. Great shots - how the hell did you get that bee to stop and pose for you? Did you lace the nectar?

    That tree shot is good enough to sell.

    Can't wait till you actually read the manual. If you are willing to share, I would love to know what kind of camera you bought.

  5. I love the bee on the flower shot. Me too on what kind of camera. Someday I'd like to move up from my point 'n shoot.

  6. I'm so excited for you! And I love these photos... Have fun :)

  7. Are you ready for this?

    A Nikon D70S camera, 2-lens outfit. If you want technical mumbo-jumbo, here it is off the website from the company I bought it from (Central Camera, in Chicago, IL; www.central-camera.com):

    6.1 MP SLR Camera. Performance capable of capturing all the action in stride. Kit includes 18-70mm f3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor and 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor Lenses. Get the 35mm equivalent of 28-300mm with these two lenses.

    Hence the reading I still have to do.

    Nancy: For the bee, while all you have to do is ask him to "say cheese."

  8. Bee-yooo-ti-ful!

    Love the new shots!

  9. Very nice shots. Where is the one with the rows of trees? Looks quite good. Just get on the Photoshop and crank up the saturation and it will look like it's from a magazine :)

  10. The bee and trees were taken at the UI gardens; the streetlamp at Krannert Center for the Performing arts.

  11. shannon2:58 PM

    i love your photos. glad you bought a new fancy camera. :)

    i always say i "want to be a photographer when i grow up." problem is, i feel like i total weirdo taking my camera out and just pointing it around in public. i've got to get over that. you're great at it.

    that's why i don't have enough good pictures.

    if you're curious, blackdog_photos.livejournal.com. there's not much up there, as i'm lazy about loading pics. (it's all just stuff of my digital, and a couple of bad scans of 10-year-old 35mm prints; nothing from my nice 35mm camera, since i never get film developed.) i'm not crazy about using livejournal for that--i should get something more like what you have.

    anyway. thanks for the inspiration.

  12. It is amazing pics ..


  13. OMG was JUST talking to someone earlier today about that very camera!! You will most definitely enjoy it for many years.

    And picture this font in green, cause I am.

  14. Just beautiful!!
    You have a great talent for wonderful, breathtaking pics!!


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