Friday, August 18, 2006

Girls Night Out: New Blog

Every couple of weeks or so, one of The Girls sends out an APB: We need to go out after work. Just one! We have a lot to do tonight, but let's catch up over A beverage. One little beverage. Maybe a pizza.

The first 20 minutes of the meeting is reserved for spewing. Purging all of the stress of employers, kids, ex husbands, in-laws, pets, and ovaries. Sometimes we have to take a few extra minutes, but the bitchin's usually over early, and we get down to deep, philosophical, educational conversation:

  • Our bra sizes. They vary.
  • Hair removal. Nair smells like a perm.
  • Who is the most high maintenance among us: Melissa. She's stopped ironing her underwear and sheets though. That's progress.
  • Who has OCD and the worst germ-o-phobia: Marcy.
  • Least maintenance: Georgianna and I both fessed up to drying our hair by holding our heads out the car window on the way to work.
We squawk like a bunch o 'hens about everything under the sun: boys, cooking, handbags & shoes, kids, relationships, in-laws, stress incontinence, vacations, dogs, cats, planes, trains, and automobiles.

We don't just talk either. We had false-eyelash night early this spring. I got glue in my eye and couldn't wear my contacts for 2 weeks, but it was worth it.

We sing (see pic above).

We have compared the scent of one another's deodorant. No, we didn't bring it with us. We did pure scientific olfactory experiments. Mike won Best Smelling Pits of the Year.

Mostly we laugh a lot, take a lot of pictures, make a few movies. All over "just one" beer, can you believe it? (By the way, I've got some ocean front property...)

Alas, all of the fun photos and videos have been going to waste, hanging out unseen on my laptop. We have, hence, begun a blog dedicated to our Girls Night's Out. Check it out if you'd like.

And note, ladies, that we encourage you to join us with photos or stories, or any other hilarity from your own Girls Night's out. Our email addresses are listed on the side.

We really hope to hear from you!


  1. LMFAO @ deodorant smelling experiment!

  2. I had a girls night out group (I have several different groups...hey there are seven nights in the week) which we called "alcoholics unanimous."

  3. Nancy: There IS a video, of a ticklish Mike volunteering an armpit, in the name of science.

    Laurie: I love it! I know you have pictures....

  4. There is nothing like a girls night out!!!! I also love the educational subjects of conversation...especially the bra size, which is always a must on our nights out!!!

  5. Oh and under the OCD category..I win by a landslide!!


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