Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Calling All Cooks

Cooking Games! I'm in!

Lisa over at Champaign Taste has thrown down the gauntlet: Next Tuesday is Julia Child's birthday. She's suggesting that we choose one of Julia's recipe's, cook it up, blog about it before Tuesday, give her a shout-out, and then she'll link the results to us.

Well, she wrote it better, head over there and check out the details.

This may not sound like that much fun to some of you, but I know there are a few cook-y lurkers. If you don't have a blog (:cough: Melissa) but want to play, she's made provisions for that too. Or you can send me your photos, and post vicariously through me.

Come 'n get it!


  1. Well I certainly can't cook!

  2. Aw, c'mon. Start with something easy, like blanched green beans. You can work your way up to beef with lardons and red wine. [What IS a lardon?!!]

  3. Not a foodie here. But that does sound cool.

    I'm just here to comment on your new profile pic. Nice eyes. ;)

  4. Hell-LO! My eyes are up here!

  5. You pretty much have to go for one of those recipes that calls for duck liver and what not. Have you read Julie and Julia? It is a hoot.

  6. I haven't read it, but did read a review or 2 while I was searching for Julia's recipe's online today. I'll check it out.

  7. Hiya,

    I LOVE that photo of Julia. Too funny. Thanks for sharing the info on the "games." I've almost decided what I'm making! It will be a surprise. Are you going to post about it here, or on Whatcha Got Cookin'?

    BTW, "they" are making a movie of the Julie/Julia Project. Nora Ephron is writing the screenplay. I hope it's good. I read some of the posts in Julie Powell's original blog and really enjoyed them.

    Bon apétit!


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