Monday, July 24, 2006

Over the River... Grandma's House we go. MY Grandma. Brian heads to Georgia in 2 days, and we made a point of driving to Kankakee to visit Great-Grandma before he leaves.

Some things never change. Brian was asleep 15 minutes into the ride.

Hugs, hugs, aren't you tired of my photographing hugs?! Brian sure is. He'll thank me some day, I just know it.

We got down to chicken dinner, and afterward Brian helped Grandma with the toothpick container. It's one of those shaped like a bird that leans over. Grandma struggled with it, telling him "that bird is supposed to give it to you, but he doesn't."

My grandmother is a pistol. She's 88 years old, and until 2 years ago, worked full time in the housekeeping department of a hospital in Kankakee. She's became ill after a routine medical test went awry, and has been trying to recover ever since. She's physically frail, but mentally sharp as a tack.

She complained about her baggy pants, and then teased Brian about his, "we both have the same pants!"

After dinner we went out into the garden to take a few pix.

When the photo shoot was over, Grandma asked Brian for a hand out of the glider swing. He started to pull her up, but couldn't just yank her up by her arms. My Aunt Carol coached him: "pull on the back of her pants." "What?" he said, "Really?" Yep, that's what she said.

A bit hesisitant to give his Great Grandmother a giant wedgie, he gently lifted her out of the chair, leaving them both laughing when she was back on her feet.

I love, love, love this picture. My Grandma is a bit grouchy about this growing-old stuff; she thinks it's for the birds, thank you very much. I was unsure if she'd let me take a photo her hand with Brian's, but she was happy to oblige: Brian's hands were warmer than hers, she said.

I'm so happy we got this trip in. We had a great time, and hit the road for home just at 7:00—1/2 hour past Grandma's bedtime. She's a wild one.


  1. I love this post. Brian is so fortunate and blessed to know his great-grandmother so well.

  2. I love love love the pics. I do have one question....How did Brian fold himself up in the back of that CRV? He's no shorty and the CRV isn't exactly a minivan in terms of lay down space.

  3. What a firecracker! She is so witty and cute!

    And I love the hands photo...

  4. Beautiful!! Especially that lil' charm of a house!!!!

    You are very fortunate to spend such nice moments!!!

  5. I do not blame Brian for sleeping. He is still catching up with all that he lost in basic. He looks great and so does grandma.

  6. These pictures are so great. Your grandma is so cute and I love the picture of she and Brian laughing. He's so handsome!

  7. Nancy: Yes, I feel fortunate too, that he gets to know here.

    Mim: Brian's a bendy guy, can sleep anywhere, any time. I think he just folded his legs 3 or 4 times.

    Momo: She's adorable!

    MaryP: Isn't that a goo-goo little house?! I love it!

    Betty: Brian's catching up big time--but staying out late too. Living it up while he can!

    PP: I showed Grandma your trampoline movie; she laughed her cute little head off. Aunt Carol said "oh, my god, I would never have known her"...what, it's only been 30 years!

  8. All of you are so fortunate to have that!

  9. Your intensity and beauty continue to astound me. Rock on wonderful one.

  10. Fabulous pictures and stories!


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