Friday, July 07, 2006

Windows Saga: Cont'd from last November

Ooo, people, I finally got my windows fixed, about a month ago. My conflict with Midstate Siding and Windows last November went nowhere. I sealed the windows with plastic for the winter, and had to wait for consecutive 50-degree days in the spring (so caulk could set up) before getting at the end of my handyman's waiting list. Now, 6 months after discovering that Midstate left gaping holes around 11 sunroom windows, they are all fixed up and beautiful. At my expense, of course. Midstate never even came out to look at the windows.

Since I had all final expenses documented, I gathered together my contracts, scratch papers, sales notes, and records of every phone call and email, along with the photos, and sent the lot off to the Better Business Bureau in Peoria, and to the Attorney General.

I've received form letters from both, acknowledging my transmittals, and this morning the Attorney General's office phoned me with a few questions. They are forwarding my "packet" to Midstate.

So, I wait, chewing my nails and mentally preparing for a telephone call and verbal onslaught from the sales manager that belittled me into the ground in an attempt to make me go away the first time.

My imagination runs amok.

If you notice any unexplained absences here, please notify the authorities.

Thank you very much.


  1. we'll be your posse if you need to employ violence

  2. You better let me know before you disappear! ;0)

    These people and the guy that lost Ilaiy's fish are on the top of my list...

  3. Kick ass and take some names, GNG. My money's on you. And, as Paul pointed out, there's always the Blog Light!

    And what the hell happened to Ilaiy's fish? (I wept over your and Momo's posts like I knew him. I'm a goob...)

  4. I met a woman from your city today and it was all I could do not to ask, "Do you know gnightgirl?"

    Good luck with your fight. If you need any help, I might know a guy.

  5. Maybe we can drop him off in the red zone here...;)

  6. Do your TV stations do the "Call for Action" reports? This would be a perfect case, plus they get the bad publicity on their local t.v. Revenge can be sweet !!! If not, it's handy that Chez Bez knows a guy.

  7. I have my fingers crossed. I hope they are forced to take responsibility here!


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