Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tales Part Deux

Sit down.

I've been trying to decide whether I'm going to use this blog as an avenue for venting about my consumer woes, and have decided, HELL yeah! It SAYS it's about my encounters, doesn't it?

Here is the summarized response from the company that installed my new windows: I purchased cheap windows and would have to expect water coming in to my house. I can't possibly expect a dry, sealed off window.

Ok, it's been a LOT more drawn out than that, and I've been yelled at and belittled by some chick named Becky. Trimming and sealing the windows, I was told, was not in my contract.

I asked her "why would I want to replace leaky windows with leaky windows?"

And she replied, "I don't know. I'm not you."

Now THAT is service, don't you think? Midstate Siding and Windows has been done proud by this employee!

As you can imagine, the conversation went downhill from there. She offered to have more people call me, probably to explain to me how it is I am wrong to have expected my windows to be sealed off, instead of merely suspended in a hole in the wall. I said, sure, bring it on.

In the meantime, I'm tired of her avoidance and condescension, and I won't hold my breath waiting for some salesman's supervisor to get in touch. I'm sending out a registered letter tomorrow, with photos, demanding repairs and an apology. Better Business Bureau and Attorney General will hear from me, and, if this isn't fixed, so will small claims court.


I accidentally paid for a lofty car repair last week that should have been covered my extended warranty. Once we figured it all out, the HONDA people were downright merry at the prospect of setting this to rights, and getting my money back to me as soon as possible. YAY for Honda!!


Last January, I purchased a carpet remnant from Carpetmasters in Champaign, and had it cut down and bound into an area rug and 2 runners, for an odd-sized space. Unfortunately, the main rug curled up at all 4 corners, growing increasingly worse with summer's humidity. My initial phone call to the company to fix this was met with nothing but an apology. After my mother nearly killed herself tripping over a curling corner, I knew I had to dispose of the rug.

I wrote the company telling them how disappointed I was with the product, and mailed it on a Friday evening 4:00.

NEXT MORNING, 9:00, Cookie, the manager called me, and made it right, on the spot. They couldn't steam the rug down, so I was invited into to pick out new carpets, and 3 new rugs were made for me, at their expense.

I have yet to send her a letter of thanks, but I am impressed and grateful, that she'd stand by her product 10 months after selling it to me, and I will DEFINITELY be talking to Cookie again when this sunroom issue is rectified.

So, there's good in the world. Look at my cute, flat rug:


  1. "Trimming and sealing the windows, I was told, was not in my contract."
    What reputable company would sell replacement windows and leave that out. It just sounds crazy. So, are your windows just sitting in there waiting for a big gust of wind to knock them out?

  2. Oddly enough, 3 of the windows were done correctly; I'm afraid to point that out; they might send me a bill!

  3. I'll sell ya a car. Now you won't get tires, mind you. I'll tell you that, too, in 4 point type (condensed!) at the bottom of my pointless contract but all the while I'm standing in my showroom mindlessly sweeping my hand across a horizon of cars, you'll see them all with wheels. You won't GET them, of course, because I'm selling you a BARGAIN car. You can't expect TIRES (!) with a bargain car. The bargain car is special. Oh, it'll be good for you. Everyone needs a car. You need this bargain car. Sure, you'll have to contract with another company to COME OUT and bring you tires when I drop my tire-less car off at your house but you KNEW that, didn't you? Hell! It's in the 4-point text at the back of your nine-page contract you dolt! Now I expect that 10 percent of my customers will complain, but then I only expend about 2 percent of my annual budget on personnel expenses (to take the irate phone calls) because I can always hire a high-schooler to field the complaints so I come out good, really. When I calculate the odds of actually going to court over a complaint, I figure the odds come out in my favor and as long as I shaft people I think I can screw without paying a price. It's just numbers, after all. If I talk angrily at them insulting their intelligence, they confess they didn't know a lot about cars and why should they? Cars are big, dumb difficult machines. Nobody has the time to figure them out so I get the added benefit of being an "expert" so if I tell you the car doesn't come withe wheels, you won't know any better and feel embarrassed when you ask for wheels, and hey! I already told you you're not getting wheels so shut it, donkey!

    I don't blame you, GNG. You shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed. Take them to the mat, dear. Spear 'em. We wait with baited breath...

  4. Good for you for putting up a fight. Is it human nature or something built into our culture that makes the victim embarrased or ashamed? Doesn't matter. You have defeated the initial feelings and are moving forward - that is what's important. Since this is such a small town, he, he, I wouldn't hesitate to send an abbreviated copy of that registered letter to the gazette if you don't mind sharing your experience on a broader scale. Hang in there.

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I'm glad you posted your complaint - the public needs to know when a company relates so poorly to customers. I found your post today while researching Midstate as a prospective employer. (I have a sales job interview scheduled for later today.) Upon seeing your post, I was tempted to call Midstate and cancel the interview. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I've decided to keep the appointment after all, and confront the interviewer with your story. As a person of conscience, why would I want to work for a company that cares so little about customers? Sales is already a challenging field. When a company sabotages its customers, it also sabotages its own reputation and harms the earning potential of its salespeople.
    There are too many service companies in this world who can't seem to be bothered with doing things right. If Midstate is such a company, then I will seek employment elsewhere.

  6. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I had Mid State Siding and Window out of East Peoria replace windows in my home and have been disappointed back their lack of service and their quality workmanship regarding installation. I had a window crack in late January and after several phone calls they told me to call the window manufaturer who happens to Cardinal Windows out St. Louis, MO. Cardinal questioned why a customer was calling them and not the installer. If you buy windows from them don't expect any service because they don't know the meaning of the word. A total lack of customer care on their part. As far as installation is concerned 5 windows were installed by Mid State and 8 windows were done by another company. The workmanship is below par and the area around the windows is drafty.

  7. I can't tell you how many e-mails I've gotten that mirror your thoughts here. It's amazing, simply amazing.

  8. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I too found this string while googling midstate. My windows were installed last week, and I've been trying for a week to reach Becky, who is always at lunch. One is missing a screen, and one was mis-installesd such that it doesn't lock. I have letters to the BBB and Lisa Madigan ready; if I can't get hold of someone tomorrow they'll get sent out.

    I'm glad it's not just me!

  9. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was seriously considering purchasing windows from Midstate this week but not now that I have read all your comments. Thank you for saving me what most likely would have been a bad experience!


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