Sunday, November 06, 2005

Smelling the Roses....[Leaves]

I can't help it. I'm burning the candle at both ends, and consciously trying to get a grip on my life. Seriously, my purse is dysfunctional: full of receipts, envelopes that need to be mailed, an application to a pizza-eating contest, and an actual lightbulb, so that I'll know, when I go next to the hardware store, which bulb I need to get my lava lamp up an running.

I'm out of checks, there's a load of laundry in the washer, I'm behind on the icon-designing. I'm tired; I slept til 11:00 this morning (!!!) and lunch with La Familia took 2 hours longer than I expected. Errands with Mama ensue after, and...

I have no regard for all of my responsibilities! This year, as every year past, I am WOW'd by Autumn's Exhibition. Mother and I spent the afternoon merrily dropping stuff into the Goodwill box, then pulling over for photos, and picking up Rx, then another photo; repeat, repeat.

Well, here are a mere few we pulled over to capture, this afternoon.


  1. The turning leaves are beautiful and make me almost wistful to return to the midwest, where I haven't been since childhood. But then I think "Wait, what comes after Fall? Oh yeah: Winter." Butt-freezing temperatures, icy roads, blinding blizzards, snow in your boots, etc.

    Then I'm OK again.

    You have a lava lamp?

  2. You are doing just fine, Sister!
    If I don't carry the old light bulb with me, I try to write down the type. I just got the wrong bulbs for a new lamp and the bulb sticks out of the globe! It looks ridiculous...

    Oh well ;-)

  3. I'll go to the pizza eating contest with you :-)

    Where do you find out about things like that? What am I doing wrong? I get phone bills. THOSE I find just fine. Pizza eating contests: not so much.

  4. Larry: Yah, winter sucks swampwater every single year.

    I do have a lava lamp; it has purple juice and yellow lava, and I lova my lava lamp!

    RC: Welcome to the club: My dining room lamp has 6 bulbs that hang below the globes. I bought the wrong bulbs—what? I'm going to return them? nahhhh

    Maddog: My "team" has been established, and in my spare time, I am not practicing, but obsessing about the possibility that I'll eat too fast and and perhaps choke to death.

    Nov. 20, Mike & Molly's, if you'd like to read up on the Heimlich maneuver, and be on stand by.

  5. The pictures are beautiful!

    I hope you had and/or have a chance to unwind soon.

    If not, a 30 inch pizza and a pitcher of Old Style beer are coming your way soon!

  6. Awesome! You are really SO talented! You should do more with your photography. I know it's hard to balance all these things, believe me, but you have what I consider to be an exceptional eye for composition and detail. Truly above and beyond the average in so many ways.

  7. I want to take a walk at Allerton Park. Damn boring palm trees!

  8. Momo: Pizza it is, and bring your eatin' pants!

    Andy: Thank you so much; ah, would that I had the confidence in myself that you have in me. I'm working on it.

    PP: Taunt me with your palm trees and sandy beaches! I'm coming out there to see you, just as soon as I clean out my purse...

  9. See. Other people think you're brimming with creativity, too LG! We should get some people together and do a "workshop." Investigate some new photographic techniques, work in some figure studies, talk about representational art, drink strong coffee and were berets.


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