Monday, November 21, 2005


I noticed this the other day. What the heck is it?


  1. Oh, that's one of those things where you lean down and pull it and the guy on the other side gets a bit of a thrill. LOL

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Is that rope coming from your foundation? Someone doesn't drill a hole in a foundation and put a rope through it without good reason, do they? RS

  3. Yah, looks like a bitch to thread back through if you pull it out, like the string on your hoodie.

    (It's not my foundation.)

  4. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Today on This Old House...what you are looking at is cotton rope that is set in the mortar as the bricks are placed. Usually spaced at regular intervals along the bottom course of a brick veneer wall it forms a weep hole that allows any moisture that forms between the brick and the framed wall to escape and prevent water damage. Normally the rope would be pulled out after the mortar has set or at least trimmed to a less noticeable length. Perhaps the mason on this particular project thought to leave this one in order to confuse and perplex an observant seems too have worked! :)

  5. I KNEW it! I KNEW Evelyn would solve the mystery!!!

    Thank you, boy.

  6. It is to adjust the view of the house..


  7. You did it! You found Jimmy Hoffa!

  8. It's like the "mystery" suitcase..

    Don't pull the rope!!;-)A toxic gas will be emitted and turn your teeth green!

    And thennnnnnnnnn, you have to drink that swill that you were writing about the other day..
    Sunflower oil slushed thru your teeth to release the toxins!hahaha

    Hey.. I think we should plan a Murder/Mystery weekend!LOL Have you ever gone to one of those? They are lots of fun....

    Anyway.. that's it for now! I have a gaggle of folks come over tomorrow for Turkey Day and I have lots of prep work!

    Have T-Day to all!

  9. It's a wick to a bomb.. just kidding!!


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