Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sundays with Mama #1

I've decided that I'll make a weekly attempt to post something about my Sunday afternooons with my mother; Lord knows there's always some kind of blogworthy fun being had. Read on for the first edition.

"Mom, will you pose with the mask on?" "Sure."
Isn't she fun?

After lunch at the Mexican Restaurant, we went mucking around, got her glasses adjusted, and ended up strolling around Bed Bath and Beyond. We smelled all the candles and touched all the fuzzy blankets, and ended up poking around a stocking-stuffer bin. Mom picked up a sleeping mask, and asked me, "what's this thing?" I explained to her what it was for, and she replied, "Oh. I thought it was panties."

Panties? PANTIES? Give me that thing, I have to figure out how she came up with that.

Oh. Ok. A reasonable misunderstanding after all.


  1. I imagined myself a modern day Prince Charming roaming the countryside with these panties, seeking the fair maiden whom they might fit. After traveling far and wide, I happened upon the humble abode of Princess Poonani.
    "Come in" she beckoned, "sit here by the fire."
    "Thank you," I replied. "I am tired, but I must continue my search for the maiden who can wear these."
    She took the cloth from my hand and carefully stepped into the straps. My search was over.

  2. She wore those panties after they were on my mother's head?!!!

    She can keep them now; we don't want them back.

  3. You aren't getting these panties back!

    Though they do remind me of a certain belted, pad contraption we used to wear back in the day.

  4. What a sweet, fun-loving mother you have!

  5. Oh. My. Dear. Lord. You are some funn y stuff lady, and your moms too! :-)
    Happy post T day.

  6. I think I won something similar from a lingerie party once.

  7. Andy: Thanks, right back atcha!

    WhiteRed: Did you wear your lingerie winnings on your head?

  8. oh, such a goofy mom! Bed, Bath, and WAY Beyond.


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