Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't You Lovett?

Doh! I canNOT believe it, I searched high and low for this photograph last week, so I could blog it before Halloween. And then, tonight, I just pops out of nowhere. I blame my poltergeist, which I'll tell you about in some other entry.

So, HERE is Lyle-O-Lantern, carved several years ago by my friend Shy_Smiley (great blog, check it out at, at an impromptu pumpkin carving party. Lyle's one of my favorite artists, and this pumpkin makes me laugh every time; I still remember the gleeful dance 'round the table, when she realized she'd actually captured him "You did it!" "I DID do it!"

Well, I forgot to wear my dang Halloween socks this year, and I forgot to pull my bat earrings out of the jewelry box, and for those, I'll wait another year. But I can't wait til next Halloween to show you this.


  1. Has she stopped putting things up her nose? "Stop! Bad girl! Put the peas DOWN and walk away. Put the peas DOWN!" I miss her.

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I still can't believe he was with Julia.

  3. man, that was a great pumpkin party! thanks for not mentioning the failed Elton John pumpkin, and the failed Omega pumpkin ("You better not try carving another horseshoe")! I sure miss the pumpkin carving party. Did you have one this year?

    mad_dog: I NEVER put ANYTHING up my nose! where would you get such a silly idea?! miss you, too.


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