Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pane & the Ass: Update

Hey, everyone, thanks for the outpouring of support, here and through e-mail, with websites, addresses, phone numbers, and advice on my windows issues.

I did allow a male friend to make a call to Midstate on my behalf. Here's an excerpt from The Hero's report:
At the beginning, D*** thought he had me on his side. Surely I could see things from HIS point of view, couldn't I? I parried inconsequentially allowing barbs directed at you to pass by without apparent friction—at least at first. He actually responded positively to my assertion he wouldn't accept that work in HIS house. "No he wouldn't" was the outcome. "Well, neither would I, D***. Neither would my business-owning friends. So, I gotta wonder, D***. Why'd you do it?" He implied it was because you were "cheap."
Grind, grind, grind <-- My teeth. He went on:
He called me a "modern-day Robin Hood: stealing from the honest and giving to the dishonest.
Repeat grinding.

If you've read previous comments, you'll know that the conversation between the boys escalated into what my friend The Rhinestone Cowgirl refers to as "tool time": Swinging tools, and she's not referring hammers and drills. When all was said and done, Mad Dog's advice to me was:
Losing situation, sadly. I am convinced in my own mind this company is rife with ineptitude. They ignored Business 101 classes down at the local community college and opted for the "caveman" business principle of "bashing with a large stick and hauling off the carcasses." A tawdry way of running a business (if they may indeed be referred to as a 'business.') I'm also quite alarmed at their (oddly suicidal) practice of speaking in such abusive and demeaning ways to individuals they've never met, nor sized up physically.
So. What to do, what to do?

Well clearly, I am not finished here. Baby, it's cold outside. I am remodeling, and I HAVE to move forward and get these windows taken care of. Oh, in their defense, Midstate has made it clear that they WILL rectify the situation.

For a fee. They don't just GIVE labor and materials away, what kind of businessman would do that?

Here are some tidbits from my last response to them, then, until I can calculate what it's actually going to cost me to straighten this out, and which actions I will ultimately be taking:
An honest attempt to straighten out some misunderstandings on my part has resulted in my being referred to cheap, dishonest, undereducated (as if I have only a 6th grade education], and conniving (trying to get something for nothing). You have also threatened my friends (suing them for slander...)..

...[A] mere "it's not in the contract, we will do nothing more for you, good day, Madam" would have been enough.

I will be contacting the attorney general and the better business bureau, primarily for the intimidating tactics you've used in attempting to convince me that sealing off the windows you installed in my home was not your responsibility.

But let the record show: I am neither dishonest, conniving, cheap, poor, or uneducated. When all is said and done here, I walk away shaking my head at your business tactics, wondering if your own life is fulfilled working for a nice guy like D***, if you both go home feeling good using your belittling tactics.

I have received two seemingly very polite phone calls from D*** since I sent that message along. He would like me to return his phone call; he has a proposal for me.

Eh, No thanks.


  1. I love D***** you could modify the pic** with 2 evil horns .. Just looks like him looser ...


  2. can you believe this is happening to you? It's a nightmare! I hope there's a happy ending, though. Keep us posted.

  3. The customers of my company have to sign contracts to get what it is we sell. We could easily use the fine print in these contracts to stiff everybody who has a problem, but we don't. It would be bad business. One unhappy customer will tell everybody they know, and will negate the goodwill of a hundred satisfied customers.
    These window people you're dealing with must be stupid to be acting this way, but from what you've written here I'd say your best course of action is either make a deal with them to finish the job or hire a different company to finish the job. Whichever you choose get ready to spend more money. I wouldn't blow off the original company because they might do the work for less, since they've already made some $$$ on the deal, plus they might wake up somewhere along the way and realize it's in their own interest to make you happy.

    Also: It's never a good idea to threaten anybody with anything. We should always try to work things out, even with assholes. If you have to attack later, it's better if they don't expect it.

  4. Larry;

    Thanks for making a few good points for me.

    As for trying to work with the assholes; well I've tried all I can think of to discuss the matter with them, and have managed to keep a civil tongue, despite the ridiculous things they've said to me.

    I absolutely will NOT pick up the phone to D*** again; I have absolutely no doubt this his polite proposal will end in something wretched, and that he intends to berate me my viewpoint, and for sending a man to "fight my battle."

    In addition, if the promises their salesman made to me are any indication, their verbal contract means nothing; I wouldn't trust a promise or a proposal from this guy.

    I have let them know that they are welcome to put their proposal on a letterhead; U.S. postal can have it here by Tuesday.

    I realize that I have probably walked right into their trap by shunning them; but what to do here? Does a girl go back to an abusive man?

  5. You have to do what you think is right. The guy can't actually hurt you on the phone. Why not see what he has to say? If it's more of the same you can always say no. By the way, these things are sometimes cleared up by nothing more than a letter from a lawyer or a call from the Better Business Bureau. It shows you're serious and you're not going away.
    If you feel you can't talk to the company, you won't find out what their offer is. If that's OK with you, you'll have to find someone else to finish the work as soon as possible, and pay for it yourself. If you discuss it with the bad guys first you could suggest that they help pay for the fix (if they refuse to fix it themselves). If you don't discuss it with them first you're on your own.
    The most important issue is to get your home sealed up before you freeze. No doubt they are using this urgency to make a better deal for themselves, and it's true they have an advantage there. You can admit that and still negotiate. In fact, the added hazard to your home and health should be a concern of theirs, as it would certainly be brought up in any civil action you might choose to take, and could have a bearing on damage assessment if you prevail.
    I suggest you take care of the emergency first, and put this behind you. After that, if they haven't cooperated, write letters to every enforcement agency, licensing office, watchdog group and business association in the region. Maybe you can fuck them up.

    I'm really sorry you're going through this.


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