Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Please Hold, for Superficial Blog

Look, I have "real" blogs lined up, with guts and grit for content, but I'm racing deadlines, and simply have no time to "develop" those entries right now. Meantime, mean old co-workers named Charles are reminding me it's been DAYS since my last blog.

So, I colored my already-colored hair a few days ago. Quite honestly, I have no idea the real color of my hair anymore. When I began highlighting and messing with it, 20 or so years ago, it was sort of a muddy dishwater blond; I imagine it's something like that now.

I imagine also that I am blissfully ignorant, and content to remain so, about the amount of greying that may have occurred, since I began manipulating my hair color.

I digress.

On a whim, and by taking a vote from my son and his friend, (the aye's have it) I decided to try red again, a change from my ExtraLightAshBlond, #9-1/2. Or whatever.

I got chickeny, though, and went "Light Red Blonde."

THINK about it, Lori! You're an artist! You're a painter! If you put "light red" on "extra light blond" what are you likely to get?



My hair is Pink. Ish.

There have been those kind enough to ensure me, "No, it looks good." And I walk by shop windows in broad daylight, and think "Why, there's Cyndi Lauper! Celebrity Point for me!"

I don't much care, it's only hair... but since Pink was never really one of the options, when I was considering "blond again, or red?" I am moved to fix it, tonight some time.

What to do, what to do?

Go Red, so Red that there's absolutely no question of my Cyndi Lauper vs. Lucille Ball status? Or back to blond, which might turn out even bubble-gum-ier?

There's always ManicPanic AfterMidnight Blue, but I imagine that would bring out the dark circles under my eyes.

What do you think?


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  2. I'm an ash girl myself. 'Cept I go for ash browns.

    Maybe you should go back to blonde.

    Though - pink could be considered "in" or is that late 80's (like Cyndi Lauper)? Or is it mid-90's when non-conformists were conforming by all dyeing their hair freakish colors?

  3. Oh right, I could have saved myself $10 on the home-coloring kit, and picked up a package of strawberry kool-aid!

  4. You're such a girl ;-)

  5. Take it from someone who has done this before. Darker is what you have to do. If you go lighter you will do major damage to the mane. I once turned my hair---Salmon! Be Afraid, be very afraid!!!!

  6. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I seriously doubt that you'll let a majority vote decide your hair color dilema, however just in case...Red is my vote, but you already knew that :)

  7. Mad Dog: :-P

    So there.

    WhiteRed: THAT one made me fall out of my chair laughing; "Salmon" created quite a visual. I love salmon, but not on my head. Any advice on red with blond chunking? Will I get salmon chunks?

    Ev: Stop Telling Me What to do!!!

    (j/k, luv ya!)

  8. I sure hope not. You could always go back and touch up the chunks. Good luck, God Bless, I'm praying for you. LOL

  9. Aw, Mims, thank your for your prayers, in this, my time of need.

  10. I have an idea. Let ME color your hair. You won't have to pay me. Maybe I'll weave in some interesting texture. I'm not "just a designer." ;-)

  11. OK, MD, I'm in, under these conditions:

    1. You do my hair while I'm participating in the pizza-eating contest.

    2. Weaving's good; no plaid, it makes me look fat.

    3. You have to wear carrots in your nose, cuz I miss shy_smiley.

  12. Is that pizza eating contest tonight? I didn't write it down. Mainly because I had the pencil up my nose...

    *kisses shy_smiley's finger*


  13. It's November 20. Because we want to fatten up before Thanksgiving.

  14. K. Put a post-it on my crt.

  15. So, how's the hair?

    Or should I just wait for tonight to see?

  16. Momo. Bring a camera. I think it warrants a public showing.

  17. It's either calming some or I've grown used to it. Pink hue is most visible in sunlight. I tried to capture it in a photo, but my arm isn't long enough to take a photo of my own head without the flash interfering with the light, and the colors.

  18. FLASH?!? You don't need no stinkin' FLASH! Today is a beautiful day to witness the glory of pink hair.

  19. Jet-black. That's my choice.Coloured my hair about 10 years ago. When I stood in the sun, the whole head lit up like a lightbulb....I had to buy a hat to cover up on the way home. Checked into the same saloon the next day to have it redyed.


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