Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 1 Market Report

Basil! Basil in abundance is my favorite thing about the farmer's market. This entire bunch at the market costed me only $2. A lot better than grocery store prices upward of $3 for a few sorry, often moldy sprigs crammed into a crappy plastic container.

It is now basil pesto. I froze the first batch of the summer in an spare ice cube tray, will pop them out today, bag them up, and have homemade pesto on hand for months to come.

I'll be making more pesto before summer's out. And basil fried rice. And I'll tie 2 or 3 bunches up with twine, hang them in the sunroom window til they're dry and crunchy, and later, crush them in mortar and pestle. I'll be set for great dishes until next summer.

In other market news, Corn's in! Come 'n get it! "Knee-high by the 4th of July," they used to say, back in the day. That must surely have been when they were using man and horse-drawn plow to work their fields. I imagine it took them a bit longer to finish planting back then.

Sour cherry season! When I was a little kid, when Mom asked me which birthday cake I wanted, each year I asked for cherry pie. "Birthday Pie it is then!" Mom declared. It's still my favorite, and I make a mean one (with store bought crust).

It was a scorcher yesterday, 93 degrees outside. This guy seemed to be keeping relatively cool, despite his fur coat:

Floral booths were gorgeous at always, I found these bouquets-in-a-mason-jar quite charming:

Zinnia's were stunning:

Most exciting, someone tapped my shoulder, and I turned around to yell, "Mama!" and before my eyes, my best-friend-my-entire-life's mother popped up right behind her! "Two Mama's!!!" I squealed! They'd bumped into one another, and set out to find me, when my sister told them she knew I was there. Lori's brother, Dennis, was also there, visiting from Texas! It's a reunion!! yay!

That's my mother on the right. On the left is Lori's mother, Jean. After meeting Lori and her family when we were 10 years old, I spent practically equal time in Jean's house as I did my own.

I write this on a Sunday morning. After I hit "Publish Post" I will go pick up my mother for lunch and some shopping.

Then this evening then, I am having dinner at Jean's house, with Lori's family.

Two Mama's indeed.


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  2. What a great picture of our mommas! They are so cute!

    I feel like we share moms, too.

  3. GREAT post, Lori! Wonderful, colorful photos...great moms...and you can't beat fresh basil!

    Thanks again for sharing with us all!



  4. Haaa .. Basil Fried rice and Pesto .. {Weep Weep } ..

    Shall miss that ..


  5. What great photos, and an exciting narration of a shopping trip. Hope the rest of your weekend is great.

    After seeing all that great food, I suddenly feel very hungry!!!

  6. Those cherries look so good! In your basil THAT is knife. I've got to get me one of those.

  7. Dang your post made me hungry!!!

    Ok I am confused - Lori's mom...and Lori's mom? I think I get it..;)

  8. I second Barry...Now I'm hungry...and I want flowers like the ones in the Mason jars...Bwuahh!!


    Always love ur pics!!

  9. Mail me your basil fried rice recipe?! I must have some!!

    Happy summer,


  10. PP: We got some good ones!

    Janet: Thanks! Come for pesto!

    Ilaiy: There MUST be basil in CA farmer's market. I'll walk you through it over the phone...

    Theresa: Thanks. Love that market!

    Jodie: That's a Calphalon Santoku knife. I lucked into it a few weeks ago; it was mispricsed at Famous Barr, and the manager said, "I'll sell it to you at the posted price"...I got 2 knives for $15.
    The knife is so sharp it practically falls through a tomato on its own. Pray for my fingertips!

    Barry: Lori and Lori's mom too. And our middle name is Jean. Lori Jean and Lori Jean. I hope that clears things up.

    Mary: Aren't they cute? I didn't get one. :-(

    Holly: I will! Which of your 4 million email addresses can I reach you at now?

  11. Thanks for the visit! =]

    That basil looks heavenly; you have me droooooling over such fresh food. Summertime is fabulous; do you know, I have never until now heard of basil fried rice? But I sure do want some.

  12. Great market report! How nice to see everyone - it's always such a treat to go along with you. Love the photo of your 2 moms...

    AND I'd like to know how to make the cherry pie and when is your birthday? I guess it's summertime if you get cherry pie!

  13. I wasn't gone that long! How can there be this many posts. Whew! I will teach you to make homemade pie crust So Easily. Anyone who can make homemade pie filling *needs* to be able to make homemade pie crust. And I promise ~ this one is super simple! ;)

  14. Birthday Pie! I love it!!!


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