Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Catch Up Time!

Ohmygoodness, life is passing by faster than I can blog it. In bullets, then:
  • Dentist tomorrow, I'm pre-whining. There will be shots, and more whining.
  • Haircut Thursday, still growing out the craptastic Carol Brady Do.
  • My sister and I picked out the same card for Mom on Mother's Day:

[Insert Twilight Zone music].

  • Brian's friend Chris dropped off a Mother's Day card for me again this year. The sweety. He showed up last year also, while Brian was in bootcamp, and I cried. This time I smiled.

  • The cable internet people came to my house for a 3rd time in as many months, and "fixed" my cable. I was so happy, until I walked 'round back to find about 40,000 feet of orange cable spread across my lawn, through a gate I don't use, and across the neighbor's lawn to a cable box. Try mowing around this:

  • I went to a party a few weeks ago, in which a fortune teller was hired for entertainment. This one has been voted best psychic in the CU area, and I have to admit: she summed up the last couple years of my life eerily accurately, with no prompting on my part.

    Ha, she told me I haven't dated much since my divorce, and that have a tendency to cut men off at the knees. She said that! I have no idea what she's talking about. But I'm going to meet a nice guy pretty soon, she said. A good guy, she said. Aren't you just dying? Want me to keep you posted?

  • When I meet him, I'll play He Loves Me, He Love Me Not, with this giant daisy at the Urbana post office.

OK. That's a wrap. There are bigger and better tales to come, I promise.


  1. Love the daisy. Love the cards ~ all of them. LOVE the fortune. Oooo...can't you just smell the suspense?

  2. She's the best! I've had her read my cards before.

    I've been meaning to head over to International Galleries and have it done again---I just had a birthday.

    Did you get to keep a tape of your session?

  3. Luckily, the bad haircut will have grown out before you meet Mr. Nice Guy. Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered, since he'll be too nice to say anything. Unlike me, I guess.

  4. "Cut men off at the knees"

    Hopefully I'm safe with 15,664 klms between us!

  5. I hate it when people leave giant dasies around like that. Don't they care about the environment?

    Good luck at the dentist.

  6. YES keep me posted! I hope he's dreamy...

  7. oooh that's a good fortune...now you'll have somebody to do all that nasty plunging for ya'!

  8. Ok are you serious about that giant daisy? What's it made off?

    Oh and what's up with the 40,000 feet of orange cable? Did they leave it or something?

  9. StFarmer2:10 PM

    If I knew your name, I'd buy you dinner... I always thought it was gnightgirl.

  10. But I'm going to meet a nice guy pretty soon...

    So, you're coming to Mau'i?

  11. StFarmer7:51 AM

    Bloomington is MUCH closer than Maui.

  12. True, but distance makes the heart grow fonder. ;)

    Oh, her name is Lori.


  13. StFarmer3:02 PM


    Oh yeah... I think it's out of sight, out of mind. :)

  14. Oh boy, 2 knights fighting over me, this is GREAT ::claps hands, delightedly::

    I'm just going to sit over here and sip on a mint julep and browse through my bridal magazine, until a winner is declared.

  15. StFarmer8:27 AM

    Gotta love a woman with a sense of humor!

    Need a refill?

  16. Is this the part where I need to quote Shakespeare?

    Ah, what light through yonder window shines?


    A rose by another name would smell as sweet...

    Why is GG smirking at both of us?



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