Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Hour, Friday

I've had a long couple of weeks people, and I'm winding down tomorrow night after work, with a few buddies: Momo, Mike, Mel, Georgie, Mark, and Tina (Mark and Tina don't know they're coming yet, but they are). If you're not doing anything, come out and join us!

We'll be at the Silvercreek bar, from 5 to 7 or so. Yes, Silvercreek! There's HALF PRICE APPETIZERS on Friday nights, until 7 p.m., and over 100 beers and ales to choose from, had you any idea?!

I happen to know that Silvercreek has a cute new chef that kicks ass, so you'll definitely want to check out the goodies. Come on out, have a snack and a drink with us, and I'll take your picture and put it in the Great American Photo Campaign box to Brian.

'Appy Hour Goodies

And hey, there's really no dress code over there, contrary to popular belief. Come in your pajamas if you want.

I will if you will.


  1. Oh, I wish I could be there! Have fun. I'm glad your sister and son are doing well.

  2. Have one or ten for me! I will toast you as I drink a margarita by the pool in Palm Springs!

  3. "Cheers" ... if it wasn't a six hour drive, I'd be there,lol

  4. can I come in my corn suit?

  5. Laurie: I wish you could be here too. And thank you! xoxo

    Lori: I hope you're there for pleasure and not business, you jetset world traveler, you.

    Nancy: Ok. We ARE going to meet at the half-way point.

    SS: Sure, but just don't call me late for dinner.

  6. I'm so there!

    Send me your address, please. I *may* have beanie babies for you. And, of course, a Pobble picture. ;)

  7. Be there in a tick.

  8. I'd make the 709 mile trip except tonight, I'm taking ten 10 year olds out to dinner and to the movies for Reed's birthday.

    Maybe you'd rather join us?

  9. Thanks for the invite, but there are too many bars between where I live and you live for me to ever make it there in one piece!

  10. Sure wish we could join ya! Have at least one drink for me, ok?


  11. BP: Coming right up.

    Dogbait: Don't bring ticks!

    Wendy: Is it only 709? If you leave now and drive 100 mph, you can still make it in plenty of time. I'll come to the 10-year-old party next year. I mean 11-year-old.

    Buffalodickdy: You'd have to "hop" down eh? I imagine that would take a day or two, all things into consideration. I should have posted earlier. My fault.

    Janet: I promise! What's your poison?

  12. I wish I would have checked in sooner and been able to make it! Now that I'm done with grad school for the summer, I'm back to blogging!


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