Friday, October 17, 2008

For the record...

I do manage to get out and have fun every now and again, despite the serious subject matter of the last few entries.

Here's proof: Clint and I went out for a pizza and a beverage Wednesday evening, to an establishment that serves up free bowls of peanuts. Yes, yes, we KNOW it's a ploy to make us thirstier, and to drink Another Beverage. It works, actually. Those rascally rascals.

Anyway, I busied myself while Clint excused himself to the little boys room, and left this gift for the next occupants of our booth:

See? I DO have a life.



  1. hee hee! I love it.

  2. Oh! The bow tie is a nice touch...

  3. I love it when I follow in those kinds of footsteps. Lucky people whoever came to your booth next!

  4. I read this this morning. Started my day with a smile. Thanks!

  5. StFarmer7:54 AM

    You crack me up.

  6. Dos Reales has decorative stuff in the windowsill at each table. One is a lady holding a large empty bowl. I always fill the bowl with pieces of chips before we leave.

    If you have ever found loose Trivial Pursuit cards left behind in the sugar packet dish, know that we've just been there. I sincerely hope someone finds and uses them. Its a fun way to pass the time and has become a tradition with my son and I. (Improved his reading and emcee skills over the years too).

    You rock, Lori.


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