Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom Represents: Bear Hugs from Brian

I've been meaning, lately, to catch you up on Brian's life, post Iraq. So much to tell (and so many Worried-Motherly opinions). I only have time now to tell you that he's doing fine in Fort Benning, and that we talk often. Sometimes it is only for a few minutes, and sometimes, for an hour or so, with the phone being handed around so that I can check up on Steebmo, and other buddies in the barracks. Check up, hug, lecture, mother, scold, love, invite for spaghetti.

I've written here several times about Brian's friend, Chris, and have featured photos of both Chris and his sister Courtney. They've been in our lives since they were lil kids, and I love 'em like the're mine.

Reminiscent photos, from Jr. High & High School:

Brian phoned me Thursday night: Chris & Courtney's Grandmother had passed away. "Mom, you HAVE to go to the visitation for me, you HAVE to go," he told me. Of course I'd be there. Of course. "Hug them, Mom. Hug them from me." Of course.

He called me again the next day and reminded "Hug them, okay?" Yes, Brian, I'll hug them. "BEAR HUGS, Mom." I'll BEAR HUG them Brian— "you don't think I'd just shake their hands, do you?"

Ah, poor kid. On Saturday, I called to reassure him, "I ordered your flowers, and I'll be there to shake their hands. Don't worry."

And Sunday afternoon, I went to the visitation. Chris in a tie, and Courtney in heels, stood with their family. I immediately choked up. Chiding myself while I stood in line, "I didn't even know their Grandmother," and getting tearier as I approached the receiving line.

Sigh. The bottom line is: When your babies are in pain, you are in pain.

Chris crossed over early to give me a big hug. I met up with Courtney later, and she hugged me lightly.


Well. That would never do. I stopped and told her I was sorry, but that I had explicit orders.

I hugged her again. I hugged the stuffing out of her. I gave her a little shake. I cracked a few ribs, for good measure.


"That's from Brian."

Both of the kids laughed. And I left them, then, to greet dozens of people, standing behind me.

I stepped outside, and called Brian.

"Ok, hon," I told him, "you were there, I made sure you were there."

Ok. Okay, he said.

Tough day for all of them today; they remain in my thoughts.


  1. Well, it's a good thing Brian has you to cover for him and Chris and Courtney know they have your support...

    You're a very sweet lady

  2. "The bottom line is: When your babies are in pain, you are in pain.", so, so, true!! My thoughts are with them all (and you) on this tough day.

  3. Slick: I'd pretty much walk to the end of the earth if my kid asked me...but I'd have bear hugged C&C request or no request.

    Karla: You have babies. You know. ;-)

  4. That was sweet of you to represent your son at the funeral. That car wreck experience was crazy. You did way better than I did. I came across a 5 or 6 car wreck on 635 (4 or 5 lanes) and there were cars all over the place and glass and all I could think was "I have to get to my daughter's volleyball game!" Some people had already pulled over and I could see people getting out of their cars and I just kept zig-zagging slowly through the debris thinking it looked like a scene from "The Stand." I was not a good citizen that day but I did make it to my daughter's volleyball game.

    Just out of curiosity, doesn't having comment moderation AND word verification seem sort of redundant?

  5. Geewits: The word verification still filters out all of those ads. I have my comments set to email to me, and I approve/reject from there; it cuts down on junk mail to have both.

  6. That was a wonderful thing to do. I mean stopping to give a true hug. I am sure that meant a lot to everyone concerned

  7. A big hug for you too for being such an awesome mom!

  8. You are such a good mama.


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