Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Market Report: Autumn is Here

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The colors, the cool air, and the brilliant trees, as leaves turn from green to gold and red.

Trees aren't the only thing changing hues. Market fare that was mostly green (beans, peas, lettuce, etc.) becomes more colorful with the changing season. Peppers have been on the vine long enough to redden; and pumpkins take over where corn was once sold, and squash and mums brighten the stands.

We roasted pepper over the campfire last time we went. A roasted pepper is delicious; a smoked roasted pepper is to die for!

Start thinking up your punk-o-lantern faces! We're going to our first Halloween party of the season this Friday.

I never really know what to do with any of this stuff. Any tips?

Tomatoes, I can find a use for. These are good...well, just by the handful.

This is usually about how much garlic I have lying around my house, and I have to admit that I've never seen a single vampire.

I was considering planting mums at the farmhouse this season, but the instructions on care and mulching overwhelmed me. "Mulching with leaves is the kiss of death!" I overheard. Maybe next year. Or maybe I'll give it a shot after all. Anyone out there have any Mum advice? (Not motherly advice, Mum advice!)

And lastly, while I was standing around talking to Angie Heaton, who was selling great leather bracelets that she'd made from vintage belts (in a fit of shyness, I didn't get a photo), musician Mike Powers interrupted his concert to a few children to take a phone call. Seriously, the music stopped, and "HELLO?" he said, and began talking. Surprised that he'd take a call in the middle of what he was doing, Angie and I both stopped find this:

Children waited patiently while he finished up his call, and got back to the music at hand.

It must have been important.


  1. Loverly photos, Lowli.

    I love the music man. I really need to take G one time so that he can listen to him play.

    Mums...they arent really that hard...just kinds wishy washy on if they want to come back. I usually get half of whatever I planted to return...and they are usually ginormous.

  2. ha ha ha ha...ha ha ha HA...i want to meet that music man. I'll be chuckling over that picture (and the image you created) for the rest of the day. I have a little red phone like's in my rabbit, walter's, cage for him to play with. Great pictures...and I agree with Marcee, mums aren't that hard. Just get a couple and stick 'em in the ground and see what happens.
    Oh, can you hang on a sec? My phone's ringing...

  3. Your reports so inspired me that I have been kicking my lazy butt to wake up earlier on sundays to visit the Farmer's Market since past 2-3 weeks.

    It has been soo worth it! :-)

    The colors, the smell and just the fresh aura of the whole thing around makes me smile..and usually sing all the way back :D


  4. Never even heard of a roasted pepper!

    The music man was accepting another gig probably :)

  5. Wow! Everything looks so pretty and vibrant. Good job. The next time you roast some peppers, do some garlic too. Yum.

  6. There are so many different people at the market aren't there. I got some free peppers last Saturday and need to find something to do with them.

  7. Frugalmom: G would love the music man! I love him. Ok, I might give those mums a try; you and Farmgirl talked me into it.

    AlwaysHappy: Yay, you're marketing. Wish we were closer, I'd go with you every Sunday!

    Slick: OK, man. Listen up. Take a red pepper. Put it, whole, on the grill or under the broiler. Let the skin crackle and blacken all the way 'round. Put it in a paper bag to cool. Peel the skin, take out the seeds, then eat. Whole, or on pizza, or on a sammich, or in pasta. NOW! And don't forget to blog it.

    Geewits: Oh yeah, we roast garlic too. Yum!

    Greg. Red peppers? See note above to Slick.

  8. LoL that last photo is just adorable, I love it!

  9. Wow. Makes you actually happy to live in the Midwest of America- if only for harvest season! West Michigan is in bountiful mode right now too...

  10. Music man was at Krannert, playing for the Picadilly wine tasting.. how neat is that!


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