Friday, October 24, 2008

Toys for Troops: Thanksgiving Care Packages to Soldiers

Ah-HEM! Now that I have the attention of the entire United States, it is time to announce that we are, yes we ARE, sending Thanksgiving and Christmas care packages to the soldiers on the Toys for Troops Mailing list...Every soldier.

You know that I've got a *bit* on my plate. I didn't possibly see how I could pull off 2 back-to-back holiday events in 4 weeks, so I did something I'm learning that is OK to do. I screamed:


Lincoln Trail Elementary School, in Mahomet, IL, responded.

The students at LTES are taking on our Thanksgiving Care Packages as their Veteran's day project. They are trying to collect care package items and homemade cookies enough to make sure that each of 65 soldiers get an entire box of Thanksgiving love from home. They will provide 600 letters, and are trying to collect enough money to send these boxes. That's about $711.

Yes. Of course you can help! Thank you for asking. We're not going to make a bunch of little kids do ALL of the work!! Come, help us help them help us!

  • If you'd like to donate care package items for this project, contact me at A list of care package ideas can be viewed here:
  • If you'd like to sponsor the cost of shipping one box ($10.95), click on the PayPal button in the sidebar.
  • Bakers, bring me a dozen cookies on November 10. 2 dozen, if you're feeling industrious.
  • Send me a note, and I'll send you a printable flyer to post in your office, church, VFW, post office...wherever you'd like to post it.
  • Forward a link to this blog entry to anyone that you think might like to participate.

We will mail our boxes on November 12, the day after Veteran's Day, so that they can be in soldier's hands by Thanksgiving morning.

OUT OF TOWNERS, DON'T FORGET: YOU CAN PLAY TOO! I'm e-mailing soldiers' names and addresses to folks right now, from San Diego to Philadelphia, that want to send a care package to a soldier.

Can I make a bold statement? Shopping for, and sending a box to a soldier is going to make you feel very, very good.


I am still shopping around for a venue for our Christmas event. We like to send more "luxurious" gifts for Christmas: CDs, DVDs, gourmet foods, socks, shirts, knives, games...anything you'd like to find under your own tree. We'll wrap each gift and send each soldier a box full of presents.

If you can't participate with the Thanksgiving boxes, you're welcome to throw a little something into the Christmas boxes.

If you have any ideas where I can throw this event together in this berg, put it in the comments!

I'll be hitting the streets to figure it out myself!

See you soon!


  1. Lori,

    I will ship you several dozen cookies, along with some other things to put into the boxes.


  2. I'm heading over to PayPal right now and my post for today is rallying around this.

  3. Chefann: Bring 'em on!

    Nancy: Thank you!!! Our organization has been a success thanks to folks like you that help spread the word.

  4. Going right now. THEN I'm linking to you... this is the greatest cause. You're doing such a wonderful thing!

  5. Have I ever told you how amazing you are?
    I love your blog.


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