Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Awwwww, my baby went trick-or-treating tonight on an Army base, far, far away.

That's him, on the right.

I think.


  1. Ya know what they say about Burt and Ernie, right? They are just "Friends". LOL

  2. Marinemom9:53 PM

    Bert was always my favorite!

  3. I'd rather be the one with the beer.

    It seems prefectly obvious from your post about the readings that you were doing a basic Freudian slip - with your son being in the war and all the supposrt work you do. In using the word war, you were just saying what you are feeling. I think it's fascinating.

  4. Geewits: That never occurred to me; I was completely fascinated with my inability to read the correct word. Hmmmmm. I'll go think now!

  5. Those are great costumes!! I would've guessed he was in the Bert costume, too...

    Unless he's not...


  6. Awwwwww....that's sugary sweet !

    Happy Halloween to you too dear.

    Now, where's your pic in the costume? :)

  7. About one rubber duckie away from a don't ask/don't tell violation. ;-)

  8. Momo: Thanks for helping me sleuth him out.

    AKA: I didn't even remember to put on my Halloween socks this year! Sigh. No holiday spirit.

    Glock: Rubber ducky DOES make bathtime lots of fun...oh, and thanks for the earworm.

  9. Anonymous10:49 PM

    burn that Auburn hat in the background


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