Friday, October 10, 2008

Signs of the Times

I like to snap pix of amusing signs, and have been adding them to my "Graffiti and Signs" Smugmug gallery. Here are 3 I took recently:

This at an old engine display at the Apple & Pork Festival in Clinton, IL, a few weeks ago.

Stating the obvious, at Mill Creek Park, in Marshall, IL.

I imagine Jesus, robes and all, on a skateboard, or wearing rollerblades.


  1. I like those signs. What was that first one? Old wives are like engines, it takes a lot to keep em running. Or something like that. :)

    I mentioned you in my blog. I hope it was ok.

  2. I love the Open Field one. So tiny out there in its field...

  3. I, too, collect signs. My two favorites are: (from South Station in Boston) "Engines not allowed under building" and (from MANY rural roads in the south) "FREE DIRT HERE"

    "Open Field" does have a nice quality about it, doesn't it?

  4. What great signs! I particularly like the one stating the obvious.

  5. I wonder what a closed field would look like. New York is full of signs that make no sense, I think its done by those little gnomes who live on people's lawns while we sleep. Can never trust those guys.

  6. I love funny signs! These are good except the church one makes me sad. It reminds me of the church that kicked us out (Meals on Wheels) because they didn't like the ice chests stacked in their foyer. It just seemed so "unchurchlike." Where's the love?


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