Sunday, December 28, 2008

Camera Unload: Holiday Highlights

It's been a great Christmas, so far. We have entertained and been entertained. We hit the road on some days, and friends traveled to see us on others. We've eaten snacks and feasts. We've worn ourselves out some days, and slept late on others.

So much to tell, you get Holiday Highlights. And not in chronological order.

Brian and I dance The Nutcracker. Rather, we were posing for a Mother-Son photo, and the only way I could keep him from popping me in the ribs to make me jump was to keep each hand far from the other. This is the "portrait" that ensued.

When we realized Thanksgiving was a bust, Clint and I decided to just have a romantic dinner for 2, instead. Steak, shrimp, candlelight, Ooo la la.

Flu-la-la is what it turned out to be, and in the end, Clint threw the steaks in the freezer for another day. This is what I found written on them, when I pulled them for Christmas eve:

Preparing for dinner at Clint's parent's house. I'm not sure we ever got an accurate headcount for place settings, before dinner. It was somewhere between 15 and 18.

The Grace Chain. It was originally meant to be a large circle, but ended up in a cute Figure 8 around 2 tables. Someone interrupted grace and held up dinner by taking this photo.

Now that dinner's over, we can move on. Clint's niece, Mary and I bonded, 0ver dinner, at our abilities to diagnose our own illnesses, with the help of "teh internets." She had AIDS for one week, while I myself have miraculously recovered from brain tumors here and there over the years. She has recently diagnosed her own tonsil stones. She let me have a look-see. I was expecting a small white spot, like you get when you have strep. They're not like strep, they're more like barnacles. I think she's diagnosed them quite nicely. Ugh. I was so grossed out that she let me take a picture for my own future reference.

There's my red stripey tights, and my Christmas Eve outfit, which is the same as my Santa Rampage outfit, only without the Santa Hat.

Jennifer and Grandpa (Dad) wore their Santa Headgear, though.

My Mom and Grandma, the Sunday before Christmas. Grandma has been doing inventory on a stocking full of candy. "Look at this little 3 Musketeers bar!," she said, "it's teenie weenie." Ha ha, my Grandma said weenie.

Here's my mom on Christmas day, with her new 3-lb dumbbells. She's been going to physical therapy for her shoulder, and has a series of exercises to do every day. She demonstrates here, one of those exercises. She is very proud of her hard work, and she should be: It's kept her from a painful surgery that would require months of recovery. Go, Mama!

A candid shot of Brian and Chad. Yes. This is just how they stand around the house.

Check out the bow on my Christmas gift from Clint! Not having one at the Country Casa, he made it from electrical stripping stuff, and a wad of foam insulation, and some curley-que electrical wires. If you look at the picture above, you'll see that I turned it into my new Christmas tree topper.

That's me with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Doesn't everyone have a Christmas photo of themselves and a Cockroach named Bella? SSssssssssssssss!!!

Christmas morning, with Brian's lifelong friend, Anthony, and Brian. Oh, they thought it so funny when they barged in to my room to wake me up and say hello, 2 a.m. the night before. Oh, so funny, until I declared war on them 6 hours later, and sicked my friend Diane on them for revenge. She did a cannonball right into the middle of their sleeping bags with a very merry Christmas War Whoop. Payback are hell, boys.

That accomplished, we got about our "Girl's Breakfast": thick slab bacon, coffee with Bailey's Irish Creme, and homemade cinnamon rolls. Yes, I used yeast, the day before, and I kneaded the dough by hand for 5 minutes, and it was soooooo worth it. I'm not sure why this photo comes in with a vertical orientation; turn your monitor on its side for a better look.

Ok. I'll let you go now. There's more, but it's late, and a girl has to get back to work on Monday morning, isn't that sad?

Hope your Christmas was fantastic!


  1. Thanks for recording and sharing all that. Makes me smile to read. :-) Happy New Year!!

    Bah humbug for Monday tomorrow. Morning comes way too early (actually, I see it's already here). ::::sigh::::

  2. I love love LOVE your red stripey tights!

    Re: A candid shot of Brian and Chad

    Isn't that how all superheroes stand when they aren't out saving the world?

  3. Be careful , Santa might seduce you wearing those stripes! LOL

  4. I love reading bloggers' Christmas tales. Glad you had a good one!

  5. What a wonderful holiday! Seeing you with Brian warms my heart.

  6. It's our people who make Christmas (and our holiday cockroaches). Looks like your Christmas was filled with the people important to you.

  7. Mine was outstanding, thank you. Those tights were too much. It looks like you had a great one as well. See you in 2009.

  8. Karla: Great to see you Friday!

    Nicole: Yes, they just stand around, waiting to jump into phone booths.

    King: Maybe he did, and maybe he did...

    Sven: loved yours too. Congrats on furniture!

    Laurie: :-D mine too!

    SS: True 'dat, friend. More to come this week, too!

    Greg: Glad your's was phenom! Happy New year!

  9. You're adorable. Glad you had a good Christmas!

  10. There are more pictures. I know there are. So...Don't leave me hanging! (Not that these aren't great; they are ~ which is why I want more!!!!) Have I told you lately that you make me feel a little less alone in the world?

  11. Ha! Leave it to my Ma to jump on someone in bed to wake them up. We used to get woken up by a very loud bell ringing in our not sure, but I think the cannonball may be better.

    Looks like you had a great time...after you got all better....I love the decorations that Plint put on the romantic and thoughtful.

  12. Wow, you had a great full celebration!

    Tell more about Bella. ( I'm not sure she's the type of pet I'd like)

    I love how Clint labeled the steak!

    And the bow/star ... and Brian!! Always glad to see Brian =)

    Lots of fun in this post =)

  13. Loved this post -- especially the photos! It sounds like you had an amazing holiday season.

  14. Back from an invigorating trip and very glad to know you had a fabulous Christmas!

    You look yummy in those tights ;-)..and the cinnamon rolls...Mmmm..
    * drool *

    I clearly recall your 2008 Christmas post and this one is so much much more rewarding.

    Wish you many many many more like these :)

  15. Anonymous8:54 PM

    JUST SAW YOU ON TV! I didn't hear any of it because I'm in the newsroom and we are covering the avalanche- but I saw your picture and video! YAY! My editor is going to play it back for me in a couple hours! XXOO


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