Sunday, December 21, 2008

Festivitization Has Begun

Though I hadn't even begun my Christmas shopping yet, our holiday "officially" began on Friday night, when Momo and Matilda rolled into town, and friends joined us for homemade pizza. (Mike had to stay in NC another week, so we missed him but made good use of the speakerphone by screaming at him in unison.)

It ain't a party unless the kitchen's a disasater. That's Clint back there, readying to bake a pizza, while Di stands ready to roll out the next crust. Diane was the official crust roller outer for the evening.

Mark & Shirley, Landscape Architects To-Be, finished their last final of the semester Friday afternoon. Mark, stuck in traffic before the party, called ahead to say "I'm bringing 5 gallons of wine, and I'm not sharing it with anyone."

But he shared it with Shirley. Oh, how they laughed at whatever was so funny.

This photo of Matilda is particularly funny if you have a little background on her mother.

You don't think you're getting this phone back, do you? You're cracked.

Marcy-Momo is virtually incapable of maintaining a blank, stoic expression on her face if she finds herself mortified, horrified, disgusted, irritated, or angered.

For instance, her mother once received a butt-ugly sweater for Christmas. While she politely thanked the gift-giver, Marcy sat next to her wearing some semblance of this expression:

At the end of the day, her mother chided her, "You really need to learn to control your face!"

The hilarious thing is that she never realizes that she's expressing herself so openly. So, we try to help her. For example, say someone were to join our table at the coffee shop, and say that person were oblivious, to say, a very runny nose (this is purely hypothetical), this would be Marcy:

We, then, her trusted and loyal friends will whisper "Face, Marcy." She will immediately transform her expression thusly:

Look how she understands now, that people's noses run. There's a box of tissue right behind her. Care for one? And some hand sanitizer, perhaps?

Anyway, Matilda apparently takes after her mother, with her expressive expressions. If you're up to something she doesn't approve of, you'll know it pretty much immediately!

She also does a mean Cookie Monster imitation:

Too many photos, here's a slide show of some more:

So, Night #1 of the Holiday Festivities was very fun. Mark shared his wine with me also, and I woke up with a *bit* of a headache on Saturday morning. I managed to get breakfast on the table by asking Clint to help me cook, and then leaving it to him completely while I found coffee and Advil.

After nomming on some eggs and bacon with Matilda, I felt MUCH better, and we were off then, for some Christmas shopping.

We shopped, and said our goodbyes to Momo & Matilda.

My card reader broke yesterday (horrors!) so the rest of the weekend's photos aren't currently available. The missing highlights are 1) Brian made it home from Fort Benning at 7:37 this morning (but who was keeping track, really), and 2) I took my Mother to visit my Grandmother today.

We're in full swing, I'll be tuning in with more photos ASAP. Spirit: I has it! Yay!

Confidential to Revision 99: I don't think I look that bad in this thing.


  1. No, you don't look bad in that hat with the earflaps. You look goofy. Can't you find one in a red plaid flannel?

    My word verification for this: bathe (That's what I get for being a smartass, I guess.)

  2. GOOFY?!!

    Well, honestly, I don't think there's any getting around goofty. The thing looks goofy on the shelf.

    It doesn't do much for a girl's hairdo either.

  3. StFarmer9:08 AM

    looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Holidays!

  4. That baby pic was adorable. To me it looks like she was saying; Why are you asking me? Why would I drink you wine? Great photos.

  5. sounds like fun . . . love the photos!

  6. ** Insert a Grunting laugh at your last pic here** Yes, doesn't look too bad. LOL!!

    We have a 'Marcy' type in our family too. No matter what the audience and what the scene, her expressions never fail to convey what's in her mind.
    " How did you know I was thinking that??" is her most common question. Hahaha!

    Every family needs a Marcy, I say ;-)


  7. Did you just verbize a noun? Festivitization.

    Last pic: Were you in the movie Jerimiah Johnson? I think my wife has the boots that go with that hat. The hat, you're the ONLY one who can pull that off. Srsly.

    Somehow the baby pic looks like Nicole Kidman.

  8. I got Milly C's word verification and you do look like a goober in that hat but its a really kewl scarf.
    Y'all look like your having so much fun.

  9. Marinemom9:52 PM

    The hat will look lovely with the boots!

  10. Aaaaaah! I had a BLAST! Thank YOUS Lori & Clint and EVERbody!

    Poor Tilda will need friends like I have to keep her "FACE" in control...

    "Expressive Expressions" - - I LOVE it!


    (My word verification: "strinkin" - I think that's what I was doing that night. HEE!)

  11. Hey! You TOTALLY have *my* hat!! Ask Marc...I cut out a picture of this and wrote on it "I think I'd look really good in this hat". Almost as good as you - but just almost.
    Ah....I love these glimpses into other people's holiday worlds. It's almost as good as actually being there. All your friends are now MY friends. Especially that guy making that *face*. lol


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