Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Moving on...

So's you don't worry, I am NOT in oral surgery, having a tooth extracted, on Wednesday morning.

If you're hellbent on worrying about a girl anyway, surgery was canceled because I have a cold and am running a fever. Apparently, my dentist guy prefers not to dig around in my mouth while I am exhaling 101-degree flu-bugs right into his surgical mask.

So. I'm sick.

I'm also sick of being sick, and going to move on. We'll pick back up on this next week: My tooth will be removed at 6:40 PM next Monday night.

In the meantime, I am collecting Christmas gifts for soldiers.

Andrae's Harley Davidson rocks; they called this afternoon, and gave me dozens of cool coozies to throw in our soldier's boxes. (Soldiers: Don't look. It's a surprise.)

Christmas Gifts to Soldiers: This Sunday afternoon, in this berg! Village Inn Pizza.

I always worry: What if no one shows up?

Ah, I too, am hellbent on worrying.

But this too, I know: You always show up.

Village Inn Pizza Parlor
December 7, 2008

I'll be there.

Toothache and all.

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  1. Oh good Lord, Lori, enough is enough! Feel better, would you? Really, I insist.
    Hang in there, you poor thing.

  2. Anbesol, orajel, and vodka. Its the new medicine for toothachers now...I think. Just try it and let me know....and by the way, you ROCK for all you are doing for the soldiers !!

  3. :( I was so sad when I got home from work yesterday. There was a box waiting for me and it was filled with all the cookies I made and sent to you for your Thanksgiving drive!!
    They never made it there!
    I think I made a mistake on the address..

  4. aurgh! Email me, and we'll try to figure out what happened! Sometimes soldiers get injured and come home for care, or I'll verify the address!

  5. I plan to be there, and I think I'm bringing some teen helpers. I've put up about 20 flyers, too.

  6. Rub whiskey on your gum ... who am I kidding ...just drink it!

    I've got a Toys for Troops post going up tomorrow =)

    I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Well, sounds like you've had plenty going on to take your mind off your tooth. I *really* hope you get to feeling better and get rid of that pain in the neck!!

  8. Get well soon. Don't send your germs to Iraq.
    Every time I see Village Inn Pizza I wonder if it's owned by the same people of the VIP I "grew up" in in Durham, N.C. Are the owners Italians in Florida? Maybe it's just a common pizza place name

  9. I hope you feel better soon bad enough your tooth hurts but the flu on top of it...poor thing.

  10. If there is any justice in this universe your fever will have now disappeared along with your cold.

    Guess the tooth will have to wait for Monday, hope that it goes well on Sunday Lori.


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