Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peacock Update: NBC Nightly News

Get your popcorn ready, friends: If I make the cut, I'm scheduled to be on NBC Nightly News tomorrow night (Thursday).

It turns out that Rod Blagojovich trumps Lori Stewart—hard to imagine, I know—and a camera crew did not come to my house after all.

We improvised: Clint was, once again, my camera crew. I was in charge of hair and makeup, and together, we managed to record a few sound bites for the story. We sent those, along with a few sundry photos. It will be interesting to see what "the big boys" will do with our amateur donations.

I'm still not altogether convinced that I won't park myself in front of the television set, only to have my son jump out of the closet and yell "April Fool!" If so, I'll just post a blog title that says "never mind" and you can go on about your business.


  1. Marinemom6:58 PM

    Ooh I have to work tomorrow night. You will tape it right? And post it?

  2. I hope they print it...I had the NY post interview me recently only to be told no story because I didn't want to use my real name, just my moniker for the story. The editor said I don't exist even though he sent a photographer and a journalist to my Wall St office for 3 hours. Media, Pfft.


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