Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh, Snap!

I wasn't making it up!

We made it.

That's right.


  1. I SEE you! I SAW you! Wooohoooo! you look great! Was really weird to me to see the other cities pop up there and then....wait for it...ours...our little city....

  2. I missed it on TV, but saw it on the website. You go girl!! {{{}}}

  3. I saw it for real, on my teevee! Almost wrecked the car getting home from work in time for The Nightly News.

  4. Well I'm glad I got to see this. I'm such an idiot, I had "Lori" written on my calendar and thought it was your birthday. My brain takes a lot of little vacations.

    Your Christmas looked like fun times and I am very impressed with Clint's makeshift bow. And it made a great treestar!

  5. Wow, are you still talking to us now? Seriously, you looked great and spoke well.

  6. StFarmer8:09 AM

    Not only did you look fabulous but you also helped bring attention to a major problem in our healthcare system and the plight of many older Americans.

    You are a Saintess.

  7. Frugal: Yeah, that was an anticipatory moment!

    Karla: My national TV debut, and Clint's cinematography! Whoo hoo!

    Larry: Thanks for risking your life for me!

    Geewits: Actually, my birthday is in a few days, and I just thought you were ahead of the game!

    Lisa: I'll speak AND autographs are free.

    StFarmer: True, the topic should not be overlooked; the gentleman highlighted in the story tugged at my heart; we have removed a medication from my mother, but it has not been life-threatening decision.

  8. And WHO is John Murphy?

    I wanted to see more of you.

    Hey, you got an agent? No? I'm mailing over some paperwork.

  9. You made it on TV, but I do wish it had been for something more positive. Still, if anyone can bring positive change, it's you, baby! Wowsers.

  10. Yay!!! (clap, clap)
    It WOULD be nice to have it all.
    They used your smiling BIG blog profile photo!
    Congrats, Lori - I'm glad they aired it.

  11. Wooo! You tell 'em girlfriend!

  12. I set my DVR before I left town and watched it when I got back. I'm so glad that you are getting the message out about your mothers situation. I've offered to buy my mothers medication in Mexico several times now but she hasn't taken me up on the offer. Now that my father in law is having to take super expensive meds for his prostate cancer Q and I might be making a trip to Tijuana sooner rather than later.


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