Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fightin' Mad Mary Wins an Emmy!

Hey, ya'll, my friend Fightin' Mad Mary just won an Emmy for her editing work on Project Runway! She's famous!

I was fortunate enough to meet FMM 2 years ago when she was working in Chicago.

I wrote in that post that it seemed like we'd been friends for years, and I still feel that way. Last December she threw a fundraiser for Toys for Troops in her home, and brought in almost $2300.00 worth of donations for us.

Mary is beautiful and funny and generous and smart, and now we know—as if we ever doubted it—that she is very, very talented and good at what she does!

In the midst of chaos here, I've enjoyed following Mary's posts about being nominated, and attending bootcamp with GloZell to get in shape for that gorgeous dress and Emmy night. I haven't said enough to her, but I've been cheering for her, and I'm over the moon for her now!

Congratulations, Mary! Love you, girl!

Run on over to her place and tell her congrats, will you?


  1. Cool beans! but I had voted on the red dress. I didn't know she had done the TFT. That's really cool.

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Yea! Project Runway is *Fabulous* and congrats Mary!
    I recently downloaded some behind the scenes PR thing off itunes, I wonder if she is in it?
    Wonderful she helped out your worthy cause too!

  3. I will tell her here- Ya did good! Amazing how reading puts you in contact with people who made a difference... maybe if we all try a little harder... we could too! Hard work and talent is a beautiful cocktail!

  4. Thanks Gnightgirl!! I'm still in disbelief that it really happened.


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