Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Was The Party to Whom Tim Was Speaking?

We had family and friends over for dinner on Monday evening, when Brother-in-law Tim took a call. Being in the same room, we couldn't help but listen in:
"Hello? Oh, hi. Oh, we're doing pretty good. Yep. Holding up. We're at Lori & Clint's right now. Yes, The kids are doing okay, we have good days and bad. No, I can't think of anything right now. Yes, yes, well, thank you for calling; it really means a lot."
He got off the phone and cracked us up when he told us "I have no idea who that was."

Have you ever bluffed your way through a conversation, either on the phone, or in person? Tell us.


  1. Oh lordy yes! Way back when I was going to school at U of IL a girl walking towards me across the South Quad said, "Hi! Do you remember me?" I honestly replied I did not. She went on to tell me her name. Still stumped and obviously looking so, she said "We went to high school together. I was a year behind you."

    She seemed so determined that we knew each other that I smiled and said "Oh! Of course! Now I remember! How are you?" We continued briefly a little chit chatty conversation before going on our way.

    When I got back to my dorm I looked in my yearbook (yes, I brought my high school yearbook to college with me; what can I say, I was the editor and proud of it) and sure enough there she was in the Junior class pictures. I still had no clue who she was and have no idea how she knew me (other than I was in every nonathletic extracurricular activity to be had so was pretty well known I guess) out of our school of 1600 students.

  2. I'm the type to just say, "Who IS this?" But this reminded me of this morning when the phone rang. I was in a very deep sleep and woke up and saw the word "Cell" on my caller ID and in my sleepy haze, thought, "Oh it's a sales call to sale me cell service." And then just as I was putting the phone back, some tiny part of my brain realized the word in front of "Cell," was my daughter's name.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Ah! tell me about it!

    I was pretty well known in school and then college..and seems like people knew of me at my previous working places too.

    I come across unrecognizable faces ever so often.. embarrasses me to say 'Sorry, I do remember your face..could you please help me recall where I know you from?'

    In fact, the first part of the sentence is mostly a lie. Hmmph! :P


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