Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is That What You're Wearing?

My sister had a "rep" for being a prankster, a cut-up, that went way back into our childhood days. As kids, she'd nonchalantly pretend not to understand a story I'd told, just to see how many times I'd repeat it. "I don't get it," she'd say, and I'd tell my story again. "That doesn't make sense..." And again I'd explain it. "I still don't understand," and off I'd go again, until I realized she'd been laughing at me the entire time.

A longtime favorite family story of Teri getting one over on me was when we were in our teen years. Every Friday night I'd ready for hours for a date, painstakingly spraying every hair into place, as teen girls do. 20 minutes before my date was to arrive, Teri would ask me "when are you going to start getting ready?" Then, minutes before I was to walk out the door, she would say, "Is that what you're wearing?" It would send me into fits every time, and back to my bedroom, tossing my closet for a better outfit, while she laughed and tried to assure me that she'd been kidding.

As I rushed to get ready for her visitation last night, had applied the waterproof mascara, and had every hair...wherever it landed, and I threw on a new shirt and headed out the door.

I suddenly imagined Teri asking me, "Is that what you're wearing to my visitation?!" and I laughed out loud.

For all of our heartache now, I know that her memory will live in our hearts forever, and as much as we cry, we will laugh at her antics for the rest of our lives.


  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Love to you....

  2. StFarmer9:06 AM

    I think maybe you were both a little mischevious! It's obvious hom much you loved each other.

  3. Those moments of laughter during such pain are precious. There were a few when my dad died and they really help you get through.

  4. Tiffany11:09 AM

    What a beautiful legacy for her to leave your family with...the gift of laughter. You are blessed to have such wonderful memories of your sister.

  5. I guarantee you she was standing right next to you saying those exact words.

    My aunt (the mother of my cousin who passed away last week)says she feels my cousin saying "Hi, mom" in exactly the same way he would say it whenever he called her.

    They're still here. They'll always be with us. You feel it. I know you do.

  6. Oh yes, I'm sure she looked at you and smirked those sentiments!

    Indeed, laughter will lighten the times when she is missed ... I'm sure you "sisters" have many stories.


  7. You are one tough cookie! And you are doing it exactly right. Be sure to tell everyone to never stop talking about your sister.

  8. debbie stewart7:31 AM

    Lori, i also have wonderful memories of tina, she was so honery and fun, and believe me honey thats whats gonna help you get through the hard times. whenever i get to missing her so bad it hurts, i always reach back to a time when she made me laugh or did something so outragous it would put me in awe of her and it makes it a tad easier. please dont ever lose the memories.

  9. It was my older brother's birthday yesterday, and we talked about shared memories.. He's a lot older than me(13yrs.) so I know one day, we won't be sharing them anymore. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family..

  10. You wore that? This made me smile, remembering the day I flew into TJMaxx, grabbed a pair of black pants off the rack, and changed in the car, in the parking lot, on the way to my brother's visitation. "You did WHAT?", I still hear him say. I still have the pants, known forever as the Troy Memorial Pants.

    My brother's cancer steamrolled our family, with only six weeks between diagnosis and his death in Spring 2003 at age 39. Those days are a blur, and I cannot grasp what other families have endured.

    I still have the urge to call him up and just say Hey, Dude. He hated Dude. So I always called him Dude.

    Hugs to all of you.

  11. The memories will never disappear:) I'm glad you have FOND memories. I hope you're feeling better now.

  12. I haven't been reading your blog for long, and I haven't ever commented before. But today I've made it my mission to comment on all the blogs I read! So I wanted to tell you how much this story made me smile, despite how hard I sense it must be for you. What a happy memory, and a great way to imagine her sticking by your side! Lovely!


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